Sculpting Patterns for Paper Mache

Baby Indian Elephant PatternJonni’s patterns make sculpting easy!

All of these patterns were designed by Jonni Good, a paper mache sculptor and inventor of the now-famous Paper Mache Clay recipe. The patterns come as a printable PDF that can be downloaded instantly. Some are flat patterns that are used inside an armature made with cardboard and crumpled paper or foil, while others are 3-D paper craft patterns that create the shapes for you.

How do I finish my sculpture?

You can use one of Jonni’s recipes, (look for them in the Art Library), or you can use paper strips and paste, or you can use Apoxie Sculpt or Magic Sculpt. They all work very nicely with these patterns.


If you have any questions at all about how the patterns work, or how to build your sculpture, I’m always happy to help in any way I can, so feel free to ask. I like questions. 🙂

Baby Unicorn Made with Apoxie Sculpt

You can make this Baby Unicorn sculpture with cardboard, foil and Apoxie Sculpt. Or use the home-made Smooth Air Dry Clay recipe that you’ll find in the Art Library. This pattern comes as a 33-page downloadable PDF. Click Here to Learn More.

Pattern for a small rabbit sculpture made with Apoxie Sculpt

You can make this small European Rabbit sculpture with cardboard, foil and Apoxie Sculpt. 22-page printable PDF.  Click Here to Learn More.

Patterns for the baby unicorn and European rabbit sculptures.

Buy the patterns for both the Baby Unicorn and his little Rabbit friend together and save $2.99. The downloadable Zip file comes with both printable PDF patterns and all instructions. Click Here to Learn More.

Life-sized baby Indian elephant pattern for paper mache

This life-sized Baby Indian Elephant has always been the most popular pattern on this site. Hundreds of people from all over the world have made baby elephants of their own, using the video and pattern. Click Here to Learn More.

Pattern for paper mache chihuahua

This tiny paper mache Chihuahua is easy to make with the pattern, a wire armature, paper mache, and the videos on this site. Click Here to Learn More.


Use this 3-D papercraft pattern to make your very own Baby African Elephant wall sculpture. It isn’t hard to make, but it will take time and patience to put the pieces together. Click Here to Learn More.

Pattern for a paper mache baby panda.

You can make your baby panda playing with a ball, like I did, or move his legs and arms so he’s sitting in a different position. This is a fun project, and the finished sculpture is adorable! Click Here to Learn More.


This Black Bear Faux Trophy Mount is an easy project, because the 3-D papercraft pattern creates all the shapes for you. Just download the pattern, print it on card stock, tape it together, and cover it with paper mache. Click Here to Learn More.


You can use this pattern along with the videos on this site to create a paper mache raccoon of your own. Jonni “painted” her raccoon with colored tissue paper, but you can use acrylic paint if you prefer. Click Here to Learn More.

Pattern for Jackrabbit wall sculpture

The pieces that come with this 3-D papercraft pattern are fairly small, which means that you’ll need some time and patience to tape them together, but the effort is worth it.  Click Here to Learn More


Yes, a Giant African Bullfrog “faux trophy mount” is a silly idea, but what child wouldn’t love this wall sculpture? It’s fun and fast to make with the 3-D papercraft pattern. You can finish it with colored tissue paper, like Jonni did, or use your acrylic paints. Click Here to Learn More.

Pattern for a Hyena Mask

Use this pattern and cardboard to make a hyena mask for your next school production of The Lion King. The two videos on this site show you how. Click Here to Learn More.


  • Hi Jonni

    Love you work. I am an amateur at this, tried my hand at paper mache. I made a caterpillar, gave it the shape using foil. Then covered it with layers of paper (paste: water and white glue). The project is dry, but when i feel it, it is soft to the touch. Please can you help me, what can i do to harden it?

    • Hi Catherine. If it’s totally dry, all the way through (and not just on the outside) and if it has enough layers, it should harden. If it’s soft, it’s still damp inside, or there aren’t enough layers. Put it in front of a fan overnight, and then test again. If it’s still soft, add a few more layers of paper mache.

      I would love to see that caterpillar when it’s done. I hope you’ll take a photo and share it when you get a chance.

  • Hi Dora, I am looking to make a paper Mache 1/2 egg for a photo prop. Do you know the best way to start one?

    • I’ve been asked that before, but I haven’t made one, and I don’t have a good solution for you. The only way I can think of to make it work would be to use a large exercise ball for the form, cover it with a few layers of plaster cloth to give you a good, solid base, and then cover that with several layers of paper mache. If you use paper mache alone, you’d need a lot of layers. Take a look at my Humpty Dumpty to see how I’d do it, but use a ball instead of a balloon.

  • HI JONNIE! Firstly, I would to say I love all of your paper mache creations. They are all so beautiful. You clearly are a true artist.
    My name is Dayna, I am a 27 year old newly stay at home mother of a beautiful 3 month old daughter. I also have a 7 year old step son who LOVES aliens. I’ve been studying your videos on how to make masks and I have gained a lot of knowledge from them. However, I would like your opinion on what would be the strongest and the most cost efficient materials that I can purchase at my local craft store ( store name; Michael’s) for an alien head mask I’d like to try and make. The mask would have a smooth, minimally textured skin appearance that I could also hang on the wall. Any bit of advice would be hugely appreciated. This Alien mask/wall decor piece is going to have an immense amount of sentimental value for our son. I’ve already subscribed to your youtube channel and plan on purchasing your book on how to make a paper mache mask. Keep up the phenomenal work!!!!!!

    • Hi Dayna. What a great project! Your stepson is going to love it. The shop-towel mache is probably the lightest way to go. That’s what I used in the mask book, although I would probably use the joint compound/glue paste now (we also use it for gesso) just because it doesn’t harden up in the bowl. It gives you more time to work, and it dries just as hard. For a preview of what you’ll find in the book, you might want to watch the videos I made for the Pantalone mask, if you haven’t found them already: one, two and three.

      I hope we get to see your son’s alien when it’ done!

      • You’re amazing 🙂 Thank you for the speedy response. I will look up your recommended video and I will definitely post pictures of my Alien project.

  • Hello Jonnie
    My name is Dora Byers.I am from Perrysburg Ohio.
    I am a designer for a furniture store in Maumee Ohio.The owner would like me to design his new store and purchase some unique pieces.I love the baby elephant. Do you sale your figures.We would be very interested in purchasing an elephant .We would like it to be 60″ in height.Do you think this is at all possible?I will enclose my email for you.We will pay for shipping .Hopefully you can help us out.
    Thank you

    • Hi Dora. This sounds like a great project, but I don’t have the studio space to do something that large. I’m afraid I’ll need to turn down your request. Sorry! I do hope you find some great new items for your store.

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