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  1. Jet
    Jet at |

    I am going to make a didge, it looks like a good item for my first paper clay project. I am going to make one of the pipes into a ‘rain stick’ instead of a didge. Here is a link for instructions on how to make a rain stick, which is a ceremonial musical instrument from Chile. It’s a fun project for kids!

  2. Kristi
    Kristi at |

    Pretty nifty idea, using paper mache. I just straight up painted my didge (after some sandind to the pvc) with acrylic paint. I have found out though if you mix white school glue with some water for paper mache it gives it a better grip on the original surface. Overall great article! Thanks a ton for resources loke this!!!

  3. Animal Art
    Animal Art at |

    Hey, I just commented on your paper mache flying pig and then I saw this. Can you tell me, how did the didgeridoo sound after you made it? Does it sound like a didgeridoo? If so, I have a project!

  4. Lori E. Alexander
    Lori E. Alexander at |

    What a wonderful site. I have always wanted a didge and you have shown the way. Thanks

  5. Jessica
    Jessica at |

    Hi… very cool site with lots of great tips. I have a question that I have not been able to answer… I thought with your expertise you might be able to help. My partner and I recently used rigid wrap to create a mold of my very pregnant belly. I would like to create a smooth finish and was considering paper mache since it is much lighter than adding more layers of plaster. My question: can I use paper mache over the plaster to create the smooth finish I’m looking for?



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