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  1. Vannesa
    Vannesa at |

    I have a problem with your instructions you didn’t even give the proper instructions because you just went doing your own thing like we knew how to do it but honestly we don’t because we are learning so next time could you please be more specific.

    1. cmillarc
      cmillarc at |

      The person was nice enough to post a free tutorial. I think it is wrong of you to assume that you are entitled to more of an explanation. The person who wrote the instructions for this pig doesn’t owe you anything.

  2. Laura
    Laura at |

    Hi Jonni- I wonder if you might have an idea to help me out… I want to make an elephant as a card box for my wedding reception, so instead of having a small slot for coins it will have a larger one for cards (with a larger box as it’s hollow belly), but I’m at a loss as to how we will get the cards out after the wedding… Any ideas? Do we just shake them out? Do I make some larger removable panel in some hidden way?
    Thanks! Laura

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  4. Haley
    Haley at |

    I love your paper-mache projects! I’m a newspaper deliverer and haven’t known what to do with all of my extra papers. I have more than a hundred left over every week. I definitely think I’m going to try some of your projects. Thanks for posting this. I love your pigs and your elephants. I’m emptying out a salt container as I type!

  5. Bikram Miami
    Bikram Miami at |

    That came out really cool.

  6. Leah
    Leah at |

    This Piggy Bank is extremely cute! If anyone were to want to do one with a body shape that is harder to find (I have done a snake) i have a great and fairly cheap suggestion. All i did was get a ballon ( you can get the round kind for bigger projects, but i used one of the skinny ones clowns make shapes out of) and squeezed it into the shape that i liked. I then covered it in 7 to8 layers of paper mache (althogh how many layers is up to you. i like to go thick). When it was dry, all i did was cut a slit where the coins would go in. in when you do this, it pops the ballon and it shrivls up and peels away from the paper mache, and you can then pull it out the cut you have made. from there, you just use the directions Jonni gave you for adding limbs and paint it, and then your done! good luck and have fun!

    1. Leah
      Leah at |

      sorry if this has been mentioned somewhere else in the blog… i still haven’t completely explored it yet!

  7. Abbey
    Abbey at |

    This is so cute !
    My aunt loves pigs, and I love making things so I want to give it a try. I just have a question, how did you get the color like that?
    You probably said in the tutorial, I just did not pick it up.

  8. jaya
    jaya at |

    it is very good just luv it

  9. Heather
    Heather at |

    Thanks soooo much!

  10. Heather
    Heather at |

    Hi! Love ur site!
    Quick Question: Can I use whole wheat flour? What are the disadvantages if I do?
    I’m making a Elephant piggy bank!

  11. Patti
    Patti at |

    Your work is amazing! My family has an antique chalk piggy bank that belonged to one of my great-grandmothers, and it reminds me a lot of your bank. I would like to replicate my heirloom pig, but am wondering, just how do you attach the ears? Would also like to know how you securely attached the ears to Elsie, your wonderful elephant? That is a project I would also like to do when I am experienced enough. I think that would be the perfect face to peak out from among the elephant ears in my garden next summer! Thanks for your wonderful inspirations!

  12. Darlene
    Darlene at |

    Your sculpture is perfect – I love the shape and vintage look of the pig. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Jeannie Pence
    Jeannie Pence at |

    I love it! And I want to try! I’ve been making the grandchildren pinatas for several years now….but it’s always so heart breaking to see them busted and thrown away! Now maybe I can try something they can keep!

  14. Sarah
    Sarah at |

    How cute!!! I love it! Smart idea! :)

    Just a thought – I don’t think 18 months is too young for a piggy bank and this is why: If you teach them young to put coins in the piggy bank and you make a big deal out of it, when they find them, they want to put them in the bank instead of their mouths. This is how it worked out with my daughter and she has quite a bit of money in her bank and hasn’t put a coin in her mouth. :)

    1. Leah
      Leah at |

      that’s a GREAT idea! i’ll suggest it to my neighbor! if only it would work with my dog….

  15. mary
    mary at |

    thanks for the site.

  16. bethann
    bethann at |

    Hello, I am getting ready to make my first ever paper mache project. I did a lot of reading and I am not sure what recipe to use. I hear that flour paper mache projects will not last and may mold unless they are varnished. Should I use a glue and water recipe instead? Please help before I begin…thanks

  17. Mikoy
    Mikoy at |

    hahaha good job i’ll make ds one for my project at science XD first year high school sucks but (there is a but*) u do not suck you rule men i love you hahaha

  18. Sam
    Sam at |

    WOW- I love the piggy! I lead a Brownie troop and was just looking for ideas for our “Building Art” badge – I think this idea may be just perfect! With a little help the 8-9 y/o girls could build something beautiful and recycled too! In between our weekly meetings should give it plenty of time to dry between layers. Thanks!!!

  19. Rolene
    Rolene at |

    Wow, I like this variation on the balloon piggy bank. And the piggy looks very real! I wish I had more time so I could make my own! :)

  20. Manchmal
    Manchmal at |

    I am so impressed with this bank and have some ideas to make one for my son…but you didn’t mention in the directions where you put the coin slot or the ‘plug’ (if there is one)…Thanks for the amazing work.

  21. Payal
    Payal at |

    Thanks Jonni I appreciate all your help.

  22. Payal
    Payal at |

    Hi Jonni,
    What a cute little piggy this is.I tried it myself it turned out pretty well. But the legs of my piggy (scrunched up paper) dont seem to be solid enough though i taped it tight enough .It seemed quite soild when i made it but after layering it ,if i press it i anm able to do so ….is this normal or do you think i’ve missing on something?


  23. Emma
    Emma at |

    you are an incredible artist and i’m inspired so much by your work, i’d love to see more masks

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  25. Lloyd
    Lloyd at |

    Great tip about shopping for art supplies at hardware stores! I’ve always shopped at the local Ace for essentials like, linseed oil, turps, brushes, and even masking tape is cheaper there than the local AC Moore. I have also gotten real lucky finding really cheap paint, when they have not mixed colors correctly, of course you have to pay attention to what kind of paint it is for, but most times, can be used for my art projects.

  26. Kelly
    Kelly at |

    I absolutely love your sculptures! I’ve been planning on making a piggy bank for my son, but hadn’t thought of paper mache. Thanks for the inspiration. I think I’ll give it shot.

  27. Oh Crafty 1 » Do You Papier Mâché?

    […] but I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it. My mind was stuck on ceramics. Then I saw How to Make a Paper Mache Piggy Bank on the Ultimate Paper Mache web site. Sold! This is so […]

  28. Calamity Anne
    Calamity Anne at |

    Congrats on having your project showcased on One Pretty Thing! I love the rustic quality of your piggy bank, will definitely be making one!

  29. maria
    maria at |

    years ago I made my brother a paper mache piggy bank that he still has (40 years later) — I used the financial pages (stock report) of the newspaper for the final layers to keep the $ theme.

  30. e cigarette
    e cigarette at |

    This has a great folk art quality to it. Very nice.

  31. Joanie Dabrowski
    Joanie Dabrowski at |

    I love your piggy!! So cute and practical. I think I will have me 10 junior high art students try this out in a week or so. Can you give me an idea how long a project this would be (in hours)? I will make one myself first but would like to know before if possible. Thank your for all of the lovely ideas Jonni!

  32. Michi
    Michi at |

    What a wonderful bank! I can’t wait to try it myself, but one thing seems to be missing – I can’t find anywhere in the instructions where you mention how you get the coins in and out of the bank. Just saw a slot out of the top at the end? Does the bank have to be destroyed to get the money back out, or did you make the slot big enough to (with patience) shake the coins through?

  33. sharon
    sharon at |

    Hi Jonni,
    I think i’ll try using the white acrylic paint over the black spots.
    Thanks for your sugggestion is there a way of uploading a photo on this website, then i could show my finished piggy bank.

  34. sharon
    sharon at |

    Hi Jonni,
    I have put the brown paper on my piggy bank, but i’m not sure were to buy the latex glaze from. Is there any thing else i could use to lighten the black spots on piggy, i want it to look like yours.

  35. sharon
    sharon at |

    I’d like to say thank’s for making this piggy bank instructions really easy I’m in the middle of making my first ever paper mache piggy bank. I wanted to ask if you used the joint compound or not?.

  36. Sarah O
    Sarah O at |

    I found your tutorial very very helpful when I made piggy banks for my 2 and 4 year-old nephews this Christmas! I thought I might share the results with you. It’s been ten years since I attempted paper mache, and I definitely enjoyed the process! Thanks for your help.

  37. connie vanmatre
    connie vanmatre at |

    What a fun idea…not just for my grandkids but for me too…piggy banks are endless they can be anything from a house to a pig…loved this how to…thanks.


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