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  1. ,marcus
    ,marcus at |

    this inspired me to make a paper mache chicken for my art project.

  2. rebecca
    rebecca at |

    hi my daughter needs to make a 3d paper mache koala for school but we need ideas. How should she make it? What materials should she use? and how long will it take to make? She would also like to make the sculpture life size. Please Help

  3. Linda
    Linda at |

    Thanks! Oh, and what are the dimensions for the panda? Is the print-out outline the same size as the one you used? Sorry for all the questions!

  4. Linda
    Linda at |

    What is the difference between the air dry clay and the original clay recipe in terms of the final product? Is the drying time different?

  5. Annie
    Annie at |

    Hi Jonni!
    I tried to make your playful panda. I adapted the hands and feet to make it Winnie the Pooh. I also made a honey pot. Your work is so inspiring!

  6. Sam
    Sam at |

    I’m thinking of doing this panda for my art class. How would you have it sitting up instead?

  7. Paper Mache Armature Tutorials/Links | KMHS SCULPTURE

    [...] Click here for a Great Panda Example Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. This entry was posted in Uncategorized by artworkswonders. Bookmark the permalink. [...]

  8. Taria Lorehand
    Taria Lorehand at |

    I was searching online (I’m really bad at searching) for how to make a paper mache baby form so I can make an angel for someone for Christmas cause they lost their child a while back and was asked to make an baby angel for them. I clicked on this and your baby panda showed up. I was giggling at this, because it so cute. But it won’t for what I need. :( I am going to try this some other time though because it is so adorable….back to searching for a baby form. it’ll take me a couple of weeks to find..:)

    1. Taria Lorehand
      Taria Lorehand at |

      I meant to say it wouldn’t work for what I need. I am so loosing my mind right now :) gotta love me!

  9. chris
    chris at |

    I just want to say that I am a huge fan, and i think your sculptures are awesome, creative, and beautiful it I started making a cup a week ago and it turned fine I am really happy I am a artist (sort of ) I am a 11 years old boy I am live in a Arab country named Lebanon not sure you’re familiar with it and I will always watch your videos and daily sculptures too. ( I am making a panda which I so on paper mache for kids on your website)

  10. Hargobind
    Hargobind at |

    I don’t get the part of Building the Body. In the first picture when you put the newspaper, wouldn’t it be to much if that’s just one side? Do you have more pictures you could email me. This is my first papermache project!!!


  11. Sarah
    Sarah at |


    I was just wondering how long it takes to make the panda, and the estimated time it would take for someone who hasnt done much paper Mache?

    It looks really good, and i am thinging about making it for an assignment but only have about three weeks to complete it.. Do you think that will be long enough?

  12. Haley
    Haley at |

    Hello! I have to create a 3D animal project for my 9th grade biology class! I have been browsing around your website, and you are so creative! I have a passion for elephants, and have my mind set of building one. Do you think it would be possible to make an elephant about the size of your “Playful Panda” sculpture? What would you suggest? Should i try and tackle this? I dont have any experience with paper mache :/

  13. Emma
    Emma at |

    I’m Emma and I’m 12 years old. My science teacher assigned our class a 3D animal project. I wanted to make a paper mache animal. This one looked fun and it is coming out great so far!
    Thanks for all your help!

  14. Abbey
    Abbey at |

    Hello, my name is Abbey and I gotta say…. this is amazing. I had to write a fable for my E.L.A project, then make a 3D sculpture of the main character. My is a panda of course, but there is just one problem. I made the body, the legs, and the arms all seperately thinking that it wouldn’t matter. Big Mistake!! Now I don’t know how to put the parts together and the project is due next week!! HELP!!

  15. becky
    becky at |

    hello my name is becky and im making this panda to sit on my valintins bow and it is not wrking out! i did your method and ive never done paper mache before and were having a contest for cutest brightest craziest ect. and im going for cute and my panda i turned it on its side and workec from top to bottom when i got to the middle i let it dry and it fell apart(!) what do i do i need help asap!!!!!

  16. Scelina
    Scelina at |

    We are doing a 3d art project in school and have now 8 weeks to finish.. I am going to use the panda idea but make a winnie the pooh for my son’s room :) I am due in January so I gotta work fast !!! :) thanks for the idea

  17. Rhiana
    Rhiana at |

    OK soooo… i got assigned panda 4 science class and she wan’ts it to look realistic and big….soooo i was wondering how u make the newspaper stick together?

    1. Rhiana
      Rhiana at |

      oh and pleeze get me asap it is due soon

  18. eddy
    eddy at |

    Hello Jonni i need to ask a question do we have to add the last brown coat ?because i have to finish my project quickly and i do not have any time please reply as soon as possibal

  19. henry
    henry at |

    saluation jonni ,no need to bother your job of your excellence work . There is a mild question i need to ask ! Is the panda project part in the end is hard ! I am sorry of the disturbace do not get disapointed !!!

  20. aj
    aj at |

    do we need pencil markings for the fur designs in the end its complicated ?

  21. aj
    aj at |

    hi jonni do we need glue for the paper mache paste mix to add i really need to know?

  22. AJ JOMAA
    AJ JOMAA at |


  23. lucy
    lucy at |

    we r doing a panda bear sort of like yours our panda bear has to be at least four feet tall your panda gave me an idea but i think it will be diffulclut to have it stand on its legs

  24. kim
    kim at |

    it is very difficult

  25. John
    John at |

    how tall is the panda?

  26. Juan Jose
    Juan Jose at |

    hehe i did it to my art class, and a get an A+++ xD thanks

  27. Grace
    Grace at |

    I am so going to make this. Thanks it’s awesome.

  28. ayana
    ayana at |

    Man, me and my cousin are trying to make one, and we aren’t NEARLY as pro as you! :P, well we are 13 and 14, and…yeah hahah

  29. preston
    preston at |

    I love your panda

    preston 9 years old

  30. Emily
    Emily at |

    mine came out so well

  31. prestonachildrelly
    prestonachildrelly at |

    I love the panda Im making one.
    I love the panda

  32. lok
    lok at |

    love the panda lol ps love youre art

  33. Jasmine :)
    Jasmine :) at |

    thanks we might give it a try :)

  34. Jasmine :)
    Jasmine :) at |

    help i have not tried this yet me and my mum are thinkin about it please tell me if it is hard :S

    p.s how long did it take to make
    pps.do you need pva glue cos we dont have any

  35. Emily kirkham
    Emily kirkham at |

    terrible! not i am making a paper mache body from da shoulders to the head bout it is for an ester egg comp so it has to be small! but big enough for 2 boileb eggs to sit on da shoulder peas help

  36. Emily
    Emily at |

    WOW i have started doing this project 2day it’s not going bad but would never be as good as yours its amazing (yours) i hope mine does go as well and i finish it 2day well papier mache anyway how long did it take you to do this project??? I started it at about 1 but had an hour break in between fingers crossed it goes well!


  37. lucy
    lucy at |

    Hi my name is lucy, im 17 & we’re working with paper mache in my art II class, i decided i wanted to do a panda for my project but i already made the head & body w/two round balloons so idk if it’ll come out looking like a panda at all & its due next wednesday so i might not finish…really wished i could have visited your site before, it was really helpful I love your panda!!!

  38. Margot and Micole Beever
    Margot and Micole Beever at |

    Margot (7 years) and Micole (6 years) are making a Pnada just like yours, tomorrow we are passing to the paper mache phase. We will keep you updated. When it is finished we will send you the photos.

  39. tyler
    tyler at |

    make me one

  40. betsy
    betsy at |

    that is the cutest panda i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  41. rachel
    rachel at |

    cool stuff i wish i could have been that creative to make up that awesome paper mache panda .

  42. Garret
    Garret at |

    That is the coolest paper mache I ever saw.
    My mom and I are trying to make it.
    It’s coming out good.
    Garret, nine years old

  43. Xan
    Xan at |

    I’m just getting ready to do a sculpture of a friend’s little dog, so I came back to this tutorial for a review of your technique, which I plan to try out on this project. I’m excited to get started! I’ve been looking forward to trying your method. If it isn’t too awful, maybe I’ll show you my results. :)
    Thanks again for sharing with us!

  44. Miranda
    Miranda at |

    Hello my name is Miranda and I am 17 years old. I have recently taken up paper mache as a hobby and have found your site to be a great help with projects and ideas. In fact, I am currently working on your Playful Panda and it is coming along nicely. I just wanted to let you know you have a wonderful site and can’t wait to see more of your work.

  45. Emily
    Emily at |

    nice panda!!! :)

  46. Shirlee
    Shirlee at |

    I will starting making it today. I tried making the paper mache pig and it came out great, but it wasn’t as nice as your’s.

  47. marie
    marie at |

    Génial… on s’attend a voir votre panda prendre vie… merci infiniment de ce partage..j’adore le papier maché et votre maniere de le traiter. Votre site est une mine d’or;; marie

  48. Princess Gizmo
    Princess Gizmo at |

    Wow a very cute panda indeed!!!! :D


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