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  1. Uschi
    Uschi at |

    I have rubber molds for candies, can I use them to make paper mache ornaments and if should I first spray the mold with Cooking spray for the paper mache to not stick into the mold? Thanks!

  2. Karen
    Karen at |

    I don’t know if you are still interested or already know, but Li-Que-Che is currently available on Amazon.

  3. mada bandy
    mada bandy at |

    I would info on paper mache dolls any info will be great thank you

  4. eva
    eva at |

    what if you cant afford it? or what if you dont have clay and stuff shouldent you have other stuff than that? if so i just came to this im not done surching thogh.
    thx any way.

  5. Christina
    Christina at |

    I was wondering if you could skip the plaster of paris step? I already have plastic molds and wanted to know if you have tried that or know if it would work? I am also hopeing to reuse them if possible. Thanks! Great work by the way.

  6. Ieisha
    Ieisha at |

    these are so great my kids absolutely loved doing this and being able to paint them afterwards, thanks for the great idea and more then that sharing it.

  7. Nicole
    Nicole at |

    Fantastic tutorial! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as pourable papier mache.

    I love your result

  8. paula
    paula at |

    great project. Have you ever used this pourable product in plastic molds? like candy molds?

  9. Barbara
    Barbara at |

    Hi Jonni! Thanks for visiting me over at Surfside Serenity. Your paper mache is much different than what I will be making with the children at school. Even so you are so right it will be quite the process. I’m sure I’ll be covered in paste by the end of the afternoon. I don’t mind though as I love messy projects. Thanks for the step by step instructions you have shared for your ornaments. Maybe I’ll give it a try over winter vacation.



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