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  1. Paper Mache Pumpkins | Halloween Costume Ideas

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  2. Paula Watson
    Paula Watson at |

    I am in Love with Laurie Baker’s pumpkins! I must have some! Can you please tell me where or if I can buy some of theses? Does she have a website or store or???
    Please let me know! Thank you so much! :)

  3. Terri
    Terri at |

    Really like your pumpkins, they remind me of the pressed paper vintage type. I have an old tree , like a spooky hollow tree made out of pressed paper. I may try and make something spooky for next year. Thanks for sharing your awesome stuff!!!

  4. Thea
    Thea at |

    That’s where I got the inspiration for my pumpkins stolloween.com He makes some awesome Halloween stuff. made 2 of them this year and a witches cauldron out of paper mache

  5. Victoria Aylward
    Victoria Aylward at |

    I just caught this weblog and the sculptures of Laurie Baker’s pumpkins and Zombies!! I adore her free-flowing style, and the fact that her Papier Mache pumpkins appear to move, rather than just stand still! I am interested in revisiting papier mache and paper pulp endeavors. I am an artist and have three young boys and I am only now getting to a place where I can carve out some creative time. I have gone to sites and looked on Pinterest for inspiration, and these sculptures, and Jonni’s blog have really inspired me, indeed!
    Thank you so much,

  6. Marty lara
    Marty lara at |

    Jonni …..amazing work i love it ??????

  7. 25 Halloween Decor Ideas - A Night Owl Blog

    […] Paper Mache Pumpkins {Ultimate Paper Mache} […]

  8. April
    April at |

    stumbled upon these, and i am soooooo liking everything you guys do, great work- i am gonna give the pumpkins a try i think. Thanks so much for the how tos ? cant wait to get started!

  9. Amanda
    Amanda at |

    This is great! I know it’s two years after the original post but I can’t wait to get started on these with friends for our Halloween party. Thanks!

  10. John
    John at |

    how do we make those pumpkins

  11. Jade
    Jade at |

    This is paper mache halloween…check out this site!

  12. Lori
    Lori at |

    I made one of these last week, but I put bubble wrap inside the garbage bag…you need way less because it has bulk & can still be compressed with the jute rope to make the ridges because it has give…with this technique I did not have to build up the ridges with the paper mache clay mixture…I just pulled really tight each time I went around & wrapped the rope around the tied garbage bag top before going around again…leave a tail when starting so you can tie it off when finished wrapping…I did not put tape over the jute rope after wrapping because I wanted deep ridges to work into. I also mache’d with a layer of muslin fabric (scraps I had around, ripped into strips so they aren’t blunt edges) to give it a thick durable layer….that way I’d need to do less paper layers for it to be strong.

  13. Joanne Gennarella
    Joanne Gennarella at |

    OKAY Laurie – like everyone else I really dig your pumpkins (ha), and will have to try my hand at one or two. HALLOWEEN time is near, and I love Halloween. My take on a quick read of your instructions is that you take a grocery or similar brown bag – fill it with newspaper lightly so you can rope off your pumpkin ridges with heavy yarn, pulling tightly. Correct – so far? Then you do two rounds of paper mache with elmer’s, flour and salt. When that is dry, you take your baby wipes (what brand – by the way?) and drape then over the cut out features and make a stem with those also – and wahlah a really cool pumpkin! Fill me in on what I missed – please. Thanks.

  14. Live. Make. Create. » Blog Archive » Spooky Sculpture Spotlight

    […] a post at UltimatePaperMache, these pumpkins were made with, yep – you guessed it, good old fashioned Paper Maché. The […]

  15. Laurie
    Laurie at |

    ahw, thank you :-)Lesley
    right now I’m doing a life size free standing witch that will look totally like knarly creepy wood……..I’m only using baby wipes this time, no cloth, no newspaper, brown paper bag or printing paper strips, ONLY baby wipes (on top of crinkled newspaper and those foam swimming pool noodles) I’ll try and take pics as I go.
    today is my 6 month anniversary of no smoking, feels great!!!

    1. Debbie Vandeventer
      Debbie Vandeventer at |

      CONGRATULATIONS, LAURIE!! I hope you will post lots of pictures of your life-size, free-standing witch as you progress. I am intrigued with the use of baby wipes and I am going to try them!! I can’t wait to see the finished product!! :)

  16. Lesley
    Lesley at |

    What an amazing amount of wonderful work you have done in a short while. You wouldn’t have had time to scratch yourself let alone smoke. Good on you and thanks for being so generous with your instructions. Hope your smoking addiction has vanished forever so we can see much more of your great work and you can live a long and healthy life.

  17. southern quebec
    southern quebec at |

    It works! I cut open the top of the pumpkin this morning, and the paper and bag came right out. (I had spent the past two weeks trying to get this right and ended up throwing the pumpkins out.) Later today I will put on the third coat of paper mache.

    1. Laurie
      Laurie at |

      southern quebec! Bet you were happy :-)
      lol, I almost felt like I was helping someone deliver a baby I had so much newspaper and sometimes other fillers like plastic milk jugs and plastic bags all taped together etc…pulling all that out was sometimes a big chore, it just kept coming and coming, then pulling the trash bag out.
      I wanted to try and cut the hole on the top of the pumpkin, instead of the bottom…I’ll have to try it!!
      oh….I do all my coats of paper mache and let dry before I do any cutting and taking the insides out.

  18. soldol
    soldol at |

    Awesome artwork and very handy hints, can’t wait to try this out for halloween. Will get started tomorrow :)



  20. Laurie
    Laurie at |

    Valentina, stolloweens way with the trash bags and tape is exactly how I started mine, tho not as uniformed or elaborate faces either, just the basic trash bag,string,tape and crumpled newspaper. I agree the pictures help SO much, sorry I didn’t take pictures.

  21. Bob C.
    Bob C. at |

    Amazing stuff Laurie and I’m so impressed you have tackled such physically large projects too!

    Jonni, like Laurie, I too was inspired by your elephant movie and also like Laurie I’m just a beginner to Paper Mache. I did post a comment on your page called “Elephant Sculpture – The Movie” mentioning my efforts to weather proof my Toadstool yard art and you were kind enough to reference my efforts.

    I have started several more projects including a skull and a hand. I always found hands difficult to draw so I wanted the challenge of making a hand. Both ongoing efforts are listed at my site.

    I have used Scott Stoll’s tutorials extensively and thought I saw his influence in Laurie’s amazing pumpkins. I have spent time reading his site and discovered the page that lists his paper mache paste and paper mache clay recipes and wanted to share them here as you requested Jonni.

    The recipes listed below can be seen at the URL listed. Much of the text on that page is in an orange font but the recipes are in a yellow font.

    From Scott Stoll’s web site ( http://www.stolloween.com/?page_id=209 )
    “My paste recipe is six cups of flour + one cup of liquid starch + one cup of white glue. Using a mixer blend these ingredient with enough warm tap water until you have the consistency of a very thin pancake batter.”
    “My clay ( Scott Stoll’s) is made by putting approximately six cups of paste into a large bowl, next add approximately one cup of drywall joint compound to the paste. Mix the paste and joint compound together thoroughly with a hand mixer. Now start mixing cellulose fiber insulation into the paste/compound solution, keep adding insulation until the mixture is a firm and workable consistency.”

    I used a different paste in my yard art because I heard insects and small animals can have an appetite for the flour and water based paste. Basically it is the 2 parts glue to 1 part water recipe with a slight variation. I wanted to use acrylic paint for ½ the volume of water. So in effect

    4 Parts PVA ( Elmer’s Glue)
    1 Part water
    1 part Acrylic paint (for added water resistance when dry)

    It worked well for me making my Toadstools.

    My current projects are not meant to be outdoors so I used a variation of Scott’s recipe and liked that too.

    Bob C

  22. southern quebec
    southern quebec at |

    Excellent instructions. Today’s project!

  23. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    WOW! I am so, so impressed! They look amazing!

  24. Valentina
    Valentina at |

    Here is a tutorial I found for doing those type of pumpkins and it includes photo’s. Hope fully the link works. I’m terrible at including links in my post.

    By the way I love your site Jonni. You are very very talented.


  25. Calamity Anne
    Calamity Anne at |


    1. Laurie
      Laurie at |

      Thanks everyone :-) :-) hope to see others making these, I love them!!

      1. Averi
        Averi at |

        These are AWSOME! I need to make a centaur.

  26. southern quebec
    southern quebec at |

    Would definitely like the directions for the pumpkins! :)

  27. Barbara
    Barbara at |

    Fantastic!!! Will we see any directions for trying to make the pumpkins?


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