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  2. Dani1993
    Dani1993 at |

    Hey I read your instructions and really got a better understanding of how to do Papier-Mache. But, I do have a couple of improvments/suggestions. #1 If you dont like the smell then you can use brown sugar or cinnamon to fix it #2 you can use regular box cardboard, that comes from UPS, for your papier-mache mold and #3 If anyone wants to know whats measurements to use I used anywhere from 1/2 cup to 1 whole cup flour and same amount for the water. But besides that your instructions came in VERY good use!!!!! :)

  3. Piotr
    Piotr at |
  4. Karin
    Karin at |

    Hello Jonni!
    I was delighted to find your site & I’ve spent some time making a few of the masks – I even made the paper mache clay with linseed oil etc… I would like to ask you about taking the paper – or the clay off the “form” – I tried to put tape on the form, so the dried paper or clay would come away from the form, but I simply was not successful. I had to kind of rip it away & start a bit from scratch. I’m determined to get great results & I feel like you’re showing some awesome tips and recipes and directions – I totally appreciate that, it’s very inspirational! A few more pointers, for me, about peeling the paper or clay away from the form (after it’s dried) would be very very helpful. Thanks so much! Karin

  5. coleen
    coleen at |

    Great Mask! Any ideas how to use a full mask out of a 24 inch balloon. We have it completed and cannot figure out an easy way to stabilize it on my boy’s shoulders. He will only be wearing it for about 10 minutes. It has breathing and eye site holes. It wobbles alot – even on mine when it just fits over my head. I need this in less than 36 hours so your ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Joanne Gennarella
    Joanne Gennarella at |

    I’ve been making masks over forms made from my own face – plaster strips all over my face – you know. But your idea for the base upon which to build is much better and SAFER! Thanks for the enlightening, face saving tip! If you would like to see some of my masks – made my old way – I’ll send some pix.

  7. wendel
    wendel at |

    Thank You for the step by step Instruction..I will make a mask right now…

  8. kathy
    kathy at |

    So cool! We made a crash dummy head tonight for halloween. So far so good! We used alum. foil over a real face, I filled in the nose, lips, and eyebrows with hot glue and let it dry. Then half-way stuffed the foil head with plastic shopping bags. We placed the foil head over a foam wig head and taped the base to the table. We then used news paper and flour/water paste. One layer is drying so far. Looks pretty good! of course, with a couple more layers and some paint, it will look lots better! Thanks for your ideas!

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    Paper Mache Masquerade Masks at |

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  10. Jasmine
    Jasmine at |

    Thank you so much! This is the best site I’ve found for papier mache thus far! :) You are a lifesaver.

  11. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    Wow, that’s gorgeous! I’ll be linking to this. And trying it soon I hope!

  12. Diane
    Diane at |

    An artist friend of mine introduced me to using blue “shop towels” on a roll for papier mache.
    They’re great because they’re thick (so the work goes quicker and is stronger) and also because they’re quite supple and drapable while wet. The towels have usually been found in automotive depts and stores, but saw them the other day at my local Safeway right next to the regular paper towels. Might be fun to play around with anyway.

    Diane B.

  13. skelectica
    skelectica at |

    i’ve been lurking around here for the last few weeks – your projects are beautiful! and your tutorials are so well done.
    today is paper mache day around here, and the page about paste recipes came in handy. i’ve wasted DAYS playing around with different formulas! i’m making some christmas ornaments today, with your raw flour/water recipe, and i’ve found that brown paper towels (from public washrooms) are working pretty well. we’ll see how they dry…
    thanks for the wicked resource!

  14. Kate
    Kate at |

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love this idea and am inspired to try it.


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