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  1. diane
    diane at |

    hello Jonni
    I have just spent 4 days plus looking, reading and thoroughly enjoying your site.
    IT IS MARVELOUS! I have been using PM for over 40 years (for myself, kids, grand kids, Girl Guides,etc) – totally by accident found your site – LOVE your clay, skills, talents, attitude, crafts, etc, etc… you are a true inspiration. I almost ‘lost’ track of your site – (computers are fairly new to me – son bought it for me to “bring me into the 21st century” – and I am getting better with it) – a year of heart attacks means I have had to find other things to do than work/stress(not allowed to work for 1 yr after my ‘last’ attack{1.5 mths ago} and finding that not working is more stressful than almost anything else) (raising 5 grandchildren didn’t help either- down to 3 now) Any way you have re-inspired me with the paper mache and I will be adding it to my ‘time filling activities’ such as felting, book binding,drawing, painting, scrap booking and writing. Thank you ever so much. Words really cannot express how GREAT I think your site is. I will be checking in often for new stuff.Thank you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

  2. DiVitto Kelly
    DiVitto Kelly at |

    Great job kids! The possibilities are endless with papier mache, which is why I enjoy it so much. AND the materials aren’t as expensive as other mediums. Here’s a picture of two 5-foot giraffes we made for a client last year. I was told the bride nearly fainted she liked them so much. Enjoy!


    Paper Mache Giraffe

  3. Nick
    Nick at |

    love it,its great to do sculptures with different things like tissue paper-try brown coffee filters that fun too

  4. Xan
    Xan at |

    That’s wonderful! I wonder who gets to take it home at the end of the year! They should auction it off (maybe to help pay for art supplies?)

    I love the motto in the background, too. *nodding vigorously*


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