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  1. jose tellez
    jose tellez at |

    Hi I’m from Monterrey Mexico
    Great work you do

  2. Damaris
    Damaris at |

    Wow! This is amazing! I’ll have to try this. :)

    A couple of my friends are moving away in a couple of months, and I wanted to make them some gifts from hand. The 11 year old GIRL wanted a dragon. So I went searching for a really good version, and this one will be perfectly! Is there any way I could simplify this that you could think of? I’m only a teenager, there is only so much I can do. Haha! :) I’ve made some other things out of paper mache, like this mace that I attached a picture of that I made for the 11 year old’s older brother. But this dragon is waaayyyy more advanced than the mace. But is there any way I could simplify this?

    Thank you! Great job, I love all of your projects!

  3. Vinuri
    Vinuri at |

    Hi, i was wondering which type of dragon you used for a model, in the book “Dragonology”. also could you send me a pic of the type of dragon?
    Thank you so much!!!

  4. Kye St. Sauver
    Kye St. Sauver at |

    Funny that…I came to your site for various reasons…sculpting ideas for events in the Twin Cities (I live in Sauk Rapids, MN now), I was actually going to sculpt an *sheepish grin* Alice In Wonderland themed Battleshots board’s pieces for a big multi-birthday party we had last month (I took on far too many projects and events that few weeks and ended up just making it out of cardboard and paint), and now checking in again for a much simpler project…my son’s 1st Birthday pinata in a few weeks.

    But I thought it neat that you’re moving to the Brookings area. We just recently moved here from there (sort of…2 years ago). We only lived there 5 years (I moved there in 2005 to live with my, then, boyfriend that I met at AIT in 2004, from CT), but my, now, husband was born there.

    Small details, but on the internet randomly like that…I love those little small world its and bits in life.


  5. Sharon M
    Sharon M at |

    Via con Dios my friend.

  6. Sharon M
    Sharon M at |

    Exciting for you!
    Ok, I have my fingers crossed you and kitty will be heading out on Thursday…on both hands for double impact. I will anyway when I get off this computer. BTW, your dragon is awesome. I’m not going to mention it to my grandson tho, or let him see yours. (I just might surprise him come December 25th.) You mentioned this was a project (under $5 to create) for the cheapskate! I’m sure that $5 was eaten up, doubled, tripled, plus more in time spent working on him.

    Keep dropping a note here for us when you can as you journey through this exciting venture you’re diving into.

  7. Lisa Nolen
    Lisa Nolen at |


    Thank you so very much for your openness in sharing your talents and experience. My desire to create has hit an overwhelming growth sput recently and I’m so eager to get to work on paper mache. I’ve just discovered your site and am delighted to hear of your move to South Dakota. I moved to Sioux Falls about five years ago and have found something very magnetic about this place. I hope you will find the same beauty here and believe your art and willingness to help will be much appreciate. Welcome to South Dakota.

    Thank you!

  8. maggie
    maggie at |

    I love this Dragon. What about your paper mache mask recipe, would it work ok for the dragon?
    Wow, I’m surprised you picked South Dakota! Do you have friends or family there? Is your new home going to be near Mt. Rushmore?

  9. Cheryl Shannon
    Cheryl Shannon at |

    LOved this post as I missed the first dragon! Loved the redo and your expert work. Always inspiring! Blessings on your move! Your paper may not dry too fast but I know you will love it. We live in the country but I long for the mountains. Don’t forget to keep us up to date!

  10. Terry
    Terry at |

    Hi Jonni! I’ve been missing your newsy posts. I’m glad you have a place to light and will be closer to your daughter for now. I hope the cold doesn’t get too severe! I hope the art community there is fun and welcoming.
    Thanks for the post about the dragon. They are not my cup of tea, but you did a beautiful job on that one and the update was informative.
    Have a great life in S. Dakota and I look forward to your future endeavers!

  11. Sharon M
    Sharon M at |

    Hi Jonni,
    I’ve been hoping we’d hear something from you about your plans. South Dakota. That’s a far distance from Oregon…in more ways than just miles. I’m glad you’re closer to your daughter and grandkids. Hope it works well for you.
    I planned to move up to the mountains when I moved, but I’ve not regretted one minute of making the move to be closer to my kids. Regardless of how much I dislike living in a city.
    Can’t say I don’t miss the peace and solitude and quite of the country. Some days are hard because I miss it so much…but, I’m glad I made the decision I made.

    Keep us updated my friend.

  12. Theresa Kimmy
    Theresa Kimmy at |

    Hi Joni!

    I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and I’ve really been inspired. I teach visual arts and one of the highlights of my student’s experience is making a paper mache helmet mask. I can’t wait to try a dragon with them this year!

    I noticed you moved to South Dakota. It is a bit personal but whereabouts? The reason I asked is that I would like to move up there (I’m in West Tennessee) So I’m curious about how you are liking it.

    1. Lisa Nolen
      Lisa Nolen at |

      I’ve recently had the pleasure of driving through West Tennessee. What a delight!


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