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    PENNY WOOD at |

    I want to make a hollow oversidzed volleyball for guest to put graduation cards inside. I need a method that will dry quickly.

  2. Ben
    Ben at |

    Thank you.I look forward to seeing the final chipanzee sculpture.I will try my best to post pictures of what it looks like and a litle on how I’m making it .
    Thank you

  3. Ben
    Ben at |

    Hallow. I watched your’e videos on youtube and I was amazed.I didn’t know that paper mache could make that good of a scuplture until I saw your’e videos.I have been making puppets since I was eight and I made only a few marionetes I was wondering if I could make holow puppet heads that were detailed with paper mache. I have been having a hard time on doing so thow. I once used a ballon to put paper mache over ,but I would like this method better .Is thier a lighter clay to use I’m trying to make a biger marionete than usual.

  4. addie khalar
    addie khalar at |

    thank you for that great suggestion!

  5. Ann Thompson
    Ann Thompson at |

    I think I may have asked this before, so if I did, I apologize! Can you put the paper clay over styrofoam? Or does it react chemically to it? I was thinking of making an ornament and leaving the styrofoam inside the form. Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated!

  6. Donna
    Donna at |

    Oh, I love this idea. I have a box of clay sitting around that I was getting ready to donate to the local art center, but maybe this method will get me going with my paper mache. I can feel the rusty wheels in my head just starting up…

  7. royane mosley
    royane mosley at |

    For Pam and Joni:
    I want to try this clay/mache clay idea! I am new at this so am hoping to get a few questions answered. How long in the oven at 200 to get the mache clay dry? About the two kinds of clay…which was used for chimp? Is what you call pottery clay oil based clay? Is “sculpty water based clay?” I think that is how you spell it. Thanks in advance! Royane

  8. Laughing Hyena
    Laughing Hyena at |

    The paper strip method does work.
    That’s how I did some of my masks with my plaster head that I have. I made the shape I wanted in water based clay and used the strips over the clay. Any exposed plaster was coated with petroleum jelly so the paper mache wouldn’t stick to it.

    However, I didn’t use a plastic bag over the clay like you did. I pretty much let the water-based clay dry all the way through out before taking the paper mache shell off. I have a feeling that the plastic covering would make shapes and lines you wouldn’t want doing the strip method.
    Oil-based clay doesn’t dry out so you can re-use it again. It’s more expensive, but I’m very interested in how it works with paper mache applied to it compared to water-based clay.

    If anybody doesn’t have a plaster head or find it hard to make one yourself: You can get Styrofoam wig/hat model heads from salon stores for cheap to make paper mache masks/busts on. However, Styrofoam can be fickle. Thanks to a prop I did for Halloween, I know that superglue will eat away at Styrofoam!
    If you get one also know how wide and tall your head is with a measuring tape, so you don’t end up making a mask that will not fit.

  9. Pam
    Pam at |

    How would it work if you cut the paper clay off the armature–then mended it back together with more paper clay–or even traditional strips and paste. Then added the ears and refined the bust. Then you would be able to reuse the armature if you wanted more than one.


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