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  1. Lucy
    Lucy at |

    Hi love the rabbit I’m going to make one but how many layers of paper mache do u need

  2. antoine chaperon
    antoine chaperon at |

    Hello, I’d made ??sculptures that can be outside. For now I will work with your ultimate paper mache recipe. I found this site that allows you to leave the sculptures outside. But there is not yet alas recipe. I expect he put online to buy if it is not too expensive. I live in France, but I do not know where to buy the pal Tyia? the next episode. And thank you for your tutorials.

    do you known this web ?

  3. Annabel
    Annabel at |

    Thank you for sharing your technique it was really helpfull, I created a pig with the same technique and it worked out really well. Thanks again

  4. Miriam Schulman ( SchulmanArt)
    Miriam Schulman ( SchulmanArt) at |

    Your blog article was so awesome that I mentioned it on my blog today!! http://schulmanart.blogspot.com/2013/08/diy-papier-mache-sculptures.html

  5. Alexa
    Alexa at |

    Do you Have to put the bunny in the oven or can you let it air dry?

  6. engi
    engi at |

    hi jonni,
    great ideas , my daughter has a paper mache project at her school , she wanted to make a pig but she fall in love with the bunny :) i was wondering how long will it stays in the oven ? like an average an hour less or more , when can u tell it`s dry and that u can add another layer .. awesome lovely work .. regards .. engi .. p.s. we will post a photo of our final project :)

  7. christa
    christa at |

    really a amazing description, really usufull and handy
    tanks for this@@@@@

  8. julie pearson
    julie pearson at |

    wonderful tutorial! thanks so much…

  9. Sophie
    Sophie at |

    hey i am wondering how long would it take to make this bunnny

  10. watever
    watever at |

    i need it for art class and this is so complicated i need easier steps so i wont get a failing grade plz help me plz i need it by next week and i need to use paper mache and sta-flo

  11. vanessa
    vanessa at |

    hi! i’m from india, and i was wondering if there’s a substitute for the joint compound?

  12. kelly
    kelly at |

    Hi. I am making twenty hot air balloon paper mache sculptures. All my research brings me to your site! I used punch balloons for the base, paper mached traditionally and let dry then added your paper mache clay recipe. It is quite bumpy still. Would you suggest using your gesso recipe to smooth it out or just joint compound? I am making the prototype this weekend so any suggestions are welcome!! Thanks!


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