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Baby Giraffe Print


If you like animal art, check out Jonni’s new Baby Giraffe print. It will make you smile.



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  • Merhaba jonni çok ba?ar?l?s?n. Ben ipli kukla yapmak istiyorum. Hangi malzemeyi kullanmam daha uygun olur. Bilgi verirsen sevinirim.

  • Know that I got size thing. I thoudht I would let every know so if have same problem they well know what to do. Down load too Facebook, then down load it back to your PC. I allso thought I would let you see another one I did,

    • What a great idea! I didn’t know you could do that. I’ll stick your idea up at the top of the page, and I know it will help a lot of people.

      I love that sculpture, by the way. I recognize the creature. He’s an Egyptian god, isn’t he? But can’t remember the name – remind me?

      • Wooden rods,an fome, Paper strips, an paper mache clay. painted him with acrylic paint.His out fit is made from painters drop cloth. he’s not my first paper mache Im happy with the way it came out.

  • Hi Jonni thank you for all your hard work and efforts with this marvellous medium. I’ve always loved using the older method of paper strips and paste but I recently bought your book ‘ Make Animal Sculptures’ and had a go at making your paper clay recipe. However I didn’t have an electric whisk and instead used my it wasn’t very effective. I made a fish with cardboard armature but it was extremely lumpy! See pic..You’ll be glad to hear that I’ve bought an electric whisk now though! And I think I’ll halve or quarter the quantity too..I seem to have rather a lot! ?

    • Hi Drusilla. I agree that mixing it by hand isn’t easy. I like to make pretty big sculptures, so I always make the full batch, but if you like working smaller you can certainly cut the recipe in half or even quarters. Now, just in case the lumps could be caused by something other than the mixer, I want to make sure you’re not using DAP brand joint compound? It will make the mixture lumpy, too.

    • By the way, you said to see the pic, but there isn’t one. The file size was probably too big. If you edit it to make it smaller, it will probably work.

  • Hello my name is Jim and I was wondering if you have patterns for a standing life-size single hump camel?

    • No, I don’t. If you have my book about making animal sculptures, it explains how to make a pattern of any animal, and the size can be changed to suit your needs. By the way, a camel is so tall, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t fit inside my house (and wouldn’t fit through the doors). So I’m curious – where will your camel be displayed when it’s done?

      • Our church does a live nativity every other year, and we have horses, donkeys, chickens, sheep, we do full bethlehem village from the guards at the gates to peasants selling goods on the streets, taxes collector, we have borrowed 2 camels from another church, but they r using them this year. And we thought it was time we made our own.

  • Amo os seus trabalhos, não me canso de assistir os seus vídeos pelo youtube. São fantásticos. E a Senhora passa uma tranquilidade e uma experiência única…Amo ver seus trabalhos, sua dedicação. Fazer o cachorro, achei fantástico…
    Gerson Lima
    Salvador- Bahia- Brasil

    • The only pattern I’ve made for a pig is the one in my How to Make Animal Sculptures book, and it’s a silhouette pattern for the whole pig, not 3D. And not a mask. Sorry. That sounds like a really fun project, though. There are a lot of mask tutorials on the site, and you might find one that gives you some ideas.

  • Love all your art pieces looking forward to try them in my free time ,lots of love from Thailand??

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