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  1. Susan
    Susan at |

    Just found your site while looking for ideas for a 3D workshop I am having soon. Love your work and how successful you are!

    1. Mieke Ceusters
      Mieke Ceusters at |

      Hi Jonni,

      I’m going to do a project at the end of February in a class of about 30 children. I’m an art teacher in Belgium by the way :-). They wanted to create something with clay, but that is very expensive and I have no oven to bake the clay in afterwards. So I was very happy when I found this blog and your recipes for a convenient and cheap way to make clay. I have visited your blog the last few weeks full of interest and read a lot. The paper maché recipe I’ve just made. Later today I will let my children play with it, to see how it works:-). However, today I saw a recipe that makes it possible to work with young children without underlying structure so that they can work with it as with ordinary clay. Which I find more awesome of course, because I’m going to teach children I don’t really know. But ‘pottery clay’ what is that? Is that allready a clay, or does it come in powder form? I want to go make a harlequin with them, complete with bells on, a human figure is already not the easiest so if they don’t need to make an underlying structure in iron wire, that would come in handy :-).

      Thanks for all the inspiration that you give to very many people I presume and I look forward to your answer.

      Kind regards, Mieke

  2. Joan Allen
    Joan Allen at |

    I have made two projects using your original paper mache recipe and am making one project with your ‘ultimate’ paper mache recipe. Altho, I used powdered porcelain powder.
    I can not seem to fine a precise recipe for paper clay, using clay and paper pulp. (The clay you mentioned in this article.) Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you for sharing your recipes and ideas, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the new mediums!

  3. Alicia H.
    Alicia H. at |

    Thanks a lot for your clear and detailed instructions. Before know about you me and my younger students (5 to 10) start with the project “foguera de sant Joan” a 3,5m life tree made with paper maché . The 23th of June it was burnt at Sant John´s Nigth in Altea. You can see the process in my blog: http://aquarelaescoladart.wordpress.com/foguera-sant-joan-2012/ (sorry only in spanish language)
    In the last moth we ´ve try with the paperclay. We love it!
    Thanks again!!!!

  4. Deb Moudy
    Deb Moudy at |

    I am so happy I found your page. I make beads from paper clay and am going to try your recipe as soon as I can.

    I use small molds, what experience have you had with the clay sticking to molds? Thanks

  5. JD
    JD at |

    Bit too long, could do with some sub-headings, i wanted to know more about the paper clay. Please don’t mistake this for calling it boring because you made some good points,

  6. Jonni
    Jonni at |

    I just discovered that if you sign up for the email newsletter offered at http://arthobby.co.uk/ they’ll send you full instructions for making paper clay. It’s worth giving them your email address to get the freeby, if you’re interested in using this material.


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