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  1. Cindy
    Cindy at |

    Hi Jonni! I’m looking forward to seeing your giant dragon painted! I too am getting ready to paint a paper mache dragon soon – I’ll post it when I’m done. I have a question about these dinosaurs. I am interested in texture! Do you know how Nick did the facial scales, which fit together so perfectly, on the T rex? Or the larger bumps on Myrtle? I wonder if your air dry clay would work over shop towel paper mache to make bumps and such? Have you tried that? I feel comfortable with forms and what not, but I really would like to pick up some tips on skin texture, particularly for reptiles/dinos/dragons. Thanks and I hope it warms up enough for you to paint soon!

  2. Greg Thompson - Paper Mache Novice
    Greg Thompson - Paper Mache Novice at |

    I too am new to paper mache and the clay but have dove in head first. Tried the clay recipe last night and not happy with results, very tacky and not too smooth. I tried something different with the toilet paper. I boiled water, put it in a blender and dropped shredded toilet paper in. Really liquefied the paper then pressed most of the water out. Is this an acceptable alternative? Should I also add more flour to reduce the tackiness? Thanks for any help!

  3. Mindy Griffith
    Mindy Griffith at |

    Hi Jonni! Thanks for doing what you do and allowing others to post here. I’m nearly ready to start trying out paper mache for the first time in over 30 years, but it will be a long time (if ever) before I attempt anything in the scale of Nick Allen’s dinos. Impressive!

  4. carlos alberto
    carlos alberto at |

    hola Jonni

    soy de chile me encantan tus trabajos, y me gusta las figuras de papel mache, quisiera pedirte por favor como se hace una capa de dark vader para mi figura, no la quiero de tela o genero quiero que tenga movimiento, como dirigida con el viento , es lo que me esta complicando.

    muchas gracias de antemano

    agrego foto de una figura parecida.

  5. NevD
    NevD at |

    I’m always impressed when someone has the sheer guts to follow his or her dream (I’m not really one of them)…
    Good luck with your enterprise, Nick, and keep posting – you’re an inspiration!

  6. Karen
    Karen at |

    Words fail me. Look out, Stan Winston, there’s new kid in town!

  7. Robyn
    Robyn at |

    I am a beginnerat papermache but find all your sites amazing I thought my work faily good till I see yours I want to try the eggcarton clay recipe but not sure what the joint compound isot where to get it in Tasmania thankyou anyone who can help me or give me some advice.

  8. Francine Mongeon
    Francine Mongeon at |

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your great adventures Nick.
    I wish you the best for your next Dinosaur!
    You do great work!
    I did life size caricature of humans in papier-mâché and would love to go back and do them once more. But as you said we got to earn a living, Ahhhhh.
    Also a big thank you Jonnie for this great site!
    Take care!

  9. Hazel Bryce
    Hazel Bryce at |

    Wow I’m impressed Nick what an amazing achievement. You are a true artist and evidently passionate about your work – Cant wait to see your website!

  10. GLENDA
    GLENDA at |

    What Shirley said and most impressive. As a paper mache beginner, I am so glad I found this site and Jonni. The posts shared are my guiding lights. Good luck Nick and get that website up so we can see more. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Shirley
    Shirley at |

    WOW!!! AMAZING!!! I will be looking for your website!


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