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  1. Terri
    Terri at |

    Jonni, Have you made a life size Deer before? I saw a real mounted one in a store. very expensive! The Deer was standing on he’s front feet as if he were jumping a high fence. I would love to see if you can do this. You are very talented, love looking at you artwork!

  2. Joanne Gennarella
    Joanne Gennarella at |

    Hi Jonni – thank you very much for the lovely guest post – it’s great. Also I tried to contact Monique Roberts but it didn’t go – have an e-mail address for her? I want to send her the photo of the leopard I did using her book.

  3. Xan
    Xan at |

    Heh! Jonni, you and my husband would get along like gang-busters, you rule-breaker, you! That said, having been a big drawer of mythical beasts in my youth, that’s what makes them FUN! They’re not REAL! You can make them any way you like!

    I spent some time looking at my 11 year old cousin’s drawings of dragons and other mythicals last weekend. He got some “inspiration” from other sources, but they were definitely his own creations. I think it would be sad to lose that level of creativity altogether.

  4. Xan
    Xan at |

    Does she say anywhere what her magic recipe is? Stunning work, of course. Oh, duh. Yes, probably in her book. That will be one to have on the work table! Thanks for pointing this one out, Jonni.

  5. silvia
    silvia at |

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