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  1. Deborah
    Deborah at |

    So, can you clarify…..First foil over model, covered by a few layers of duct tape. Remove taped form. fill with crumpled paper and rebar. Then apply paper strips with PM glue mixture directly over duct tape…this is the part I’m trying to make sure I get right??? Then apply PM clay over strips?

  2. Jade
    Jade at |

    How do you make the hair and the dress?

  3. kelly
    kelly at |

    Oh and one more question.. what do you do to your daughter’s hair? doesn’t it get tangled all over to the tape?

  4. kelly
    kelly at |

    I saw this post and I tried to make one just the other day. I succeeded in making the body and legs so far but I have some difficulty in making the hands. I’m wondering if you can explain to me how you make the fingers? I also saw your other post about making poseable hand but when i try it out it became a complete failure. And for the foam, what kind of foam do you mean? Thanks if you take time to answer all these questions :)

  5. Taylor
    Taylor at |

    I managed to do the head alright. Now i’m having problems with the clay itself…after two batches, my mixer broke. And the mixture is especially sticky and sort of difficult to apply onto my figure. not to mention I didn’t buy enough linseed oil and elmer’s glue, and now I am out. How essential are those two ingredients?

  6. Taylor
    Taylor at |

    I have a question about this process. When you taped up your daughter, was she just standing normally in a relaxed position? Or did you tape her up in the position you wanted the figure to be in?

  7. Mony
    Mony at |

    I would really like to see a post about the Giraffe behind the body figure armature. It looks amazing.

  8. Luis sahagun
    Luis sahagun at |

    great post! i will try this out and get pack to you with pics!! :)

  9. Mony
    Mony at |

    Nevermind, ignore my question, I just figured it out.
    I read the instructions wrong. =)

  10. Mony
    Mony at |

    Question, why do u need the chicken wire when you already formed the armature with masking tape?

    Great job, by the way. =)

  11. Louaine Elke
    Louaine Elke at |

    I tried your papier mache clay today and I really liked the way it worked.
    I was unable to borrow a mixer with the bread hook attachments and so it was a hand operation. I broke the TP into little pieces as I watched TV last night. It soaked overnight in warm water. I’m glad I did.
    When I mix up another batch by hand, I plan on adding a drop of food coloring (or paint) within the different ingredients to give me a clue when the mixture is thoroughly mixed. I got this idea from the very yellow linseed oil. Although helpful, it was such a small amount that it spun the idea of more clue with a bit of coloring.
    Thanks for your web site with all the excellent information.

  12. andie
    andie at |

    Wish I saw this before I started XD
    ..if I had a sculpture sitting in my kitchen.. I’d freak out XD
    My work (which is seated beside me…) already freaks me out every night!

  13. Jonni
    Jonni at |

    Evidently, custom-made store window figures are catching on. A new business idea for paper mache sculptors? Article in the New York Times.

  14. Michael Jacobson
    Michael Jacobson at |

    I painted her dress red and coated it with spar varnish, all her skin was covered in clippings of 1940’s magazines i got off of ebay, pictures of iconic 30-40’s stuff. the only part that really looks human on her is her eyes and her lips were red, the rest was more of a Wheres waldo of black and white pictures. i have a finished pic of her some where ill try to find it, if not ill go down and get a pic of her in the shop where shes parked.

  15. Lisa
    Lisa at |

    Did you paint her or leave all-white? Have a photo of her as finished?

    Great work!


  16. Michael Jacobson
    Michael Jacobson at |

    Thanks! Ill try to find some pics of it finished (im horrible at following up when its done) I’m still trying to master Jonni’s fantastic painting proccess, ive got unpainted projects all over the place :P
    If you have any questions about the pinup id be happy to try and answer em.

  17. Christine Martin
    Christine Martin at |

    Love, love, love the pin-up girl! It’s excellent.

  18. Jelina
    Jelina at |

    Wow! It’s the only thing I can say when I see your work!
    It’s really fantastic how you made the sculptures look so realistic!
    Keep on doing that, it’s really fantastic!


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