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  1. Sandy
    Sandy at |

    Hey Kim
    This a really cool idea…I have dabbled in some of Scott Stollows ideas as well…especially his paste..I was just wondering if anyone had used the cheap pumpkins to use as a mold or something… Thanks for showing how it could be done. This really makes me want to start my projects earlier…:)

  2. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    This sure beats the balloon and wire method lol. I can’t wait to try it! Now, I have to wait patiently for the stores in my area to get their Halloween merchandise in. P.S. I would love to see you sculpt an owl sculpture ;)

  3. Mary
    Mary at |

    Hi Kim,

    I am just starting into paper mache and can’t wait to try making one of your your pumpkin lanterns. What an inventive idea! What kind of paste wax do you use? Is it car wax?

    1. Kim
      Kim at |

      Minwax comes in a yellow tin; they sell it at Home Depot. It’s for furniture and the like. I smear it on with a rag, let it dry, and then buff the piece with a shoe-shine brush. Post a picture when you’re done; I’d love to see your project!

  4. Melissa Kojima
    Melissa Kojima at |

    Ah, great Jack-o-Lantern, Kim. I like that the eyes and teeth inserts glow with the tea light.

  5. Kim
    Kim at |

    Hi Maggie – I’m in love with the paste wax. It gives all of my sculptures a rich, warm glow – softer than varnish, I think.

  6. Kim
    Kim at |

    I find my plastic jack-o-lanterns all over – Walmart, big grocery chains like Stop & Shop (in the northeast) etc. They’re usually not more than a dollar or so. Lisa-that’s a great idea for increasing the brightness! I’m going to try a string of lights in my next lantern.

  7. Iva
    Iva at |

    Love the project! Just curious what section of the Walmart store are the plastic forms and what are they?

  8. Lisa D
    Lisa D at |

    Awesome!! I bet if you put a string of battery-operated LED lights inside, it would glow even brighter!!

    Lisa :)

  9. maggie
    maggie at |

    Wonderful Jack-o-Lantern, Kim! I like the finish that the paste wax gives it. Thank you, Jonni, for showing this. I just might have to give it a try before Halloween gets here.


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