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  1. Ozzy T.
    Ozzy T. at |

    Hi Jonni, I’ve been watching a lot of your videos lately (much enjoy them!), but have a question that maybe you can answer for me. I’m working on a dinosaur skull “mask” for my son but am not sure which method would be the best option. The skull will go over his head and he will see through the open mouth. I’ve made the base shape out of cardboard. No part of it will be directly on his face or skin so there’s no need to keep that into consideration. I would prefer a lightweight and durable option as he is 4-years old and would like it to last past this year’s Halloween (starting early).

    Thanks so much! Instant fan of your work!

  2. Breanna Hempel
    Breanna Hempel at |

    Hey Jonni!
    Thank you for your help. I finished my mask! Not that I’ll wear it, but it was a fun project! I’ll do it with the shop towel next design. Thanks for the recipe and all! I appreciate it. What do you think?

  3. Lauren
    Lauren at |

    This is AMAZING! Your talent is outstanding and I’m always so excited to see your projects! I was just wondering if you could use this method but instead to make animal masks? Would it also work using aluminium foil for padding the features e.g muzzle? Thank you ever so much I LOVE your Projects,blog and videos! I also own your book ‘Make Animal Sculptures with Paper Mache Clay’ it is brilliant! You have inspired me! :)

  4. James
    James at |

    You are simply amazing. Your website is a tremendous resource for people interested in the subject, and everything you make seems to turn out awesomely.

    Great job, on everything. Hell for that matter great job on creating the paper mache clay. I’d love to use it myself but I don’t have a mixer, electric or otherwise.

    Keep up the good work and as for the movie, I haven’t seen Batman Begins (which is the first one) but The Dark Knight is an INCREDIBLE movie and it’s the one that features the Ledger Joker. You should DEFINATELY see it. It makes me want to see the first one because it’s excellent.

    Also since you made the mask first, you have a unique position in that seeing your creation alive on screen doing dastardly deeds will probably creep you out something fierce. That’s a MUST watch.

  5. Josh robinson
    Josh robinson at |

    I think it will be tight with black around the eyes and mouth

  6. christina judd
    christina judd at |

    Wow! The mask is wonderful! I am going to experiment using your process with my High School 3D Art class. I was wondering, before you apply the paper mache clay to your paper/tape/aluminum foil mold, do you put a layer of plastic wrap over the mold, so the paper mache clay does not stick? Before I saw your site, I had my students sculpt an armature out of air dry clay and then attempted to place paper strips over it using a traditional paper mache method. Unfortunately, I found that the paper mache layer is sticking to the mold. Thanks for any advice!

  7. Leah
    Leah at |

    i decided not to watch the movie for the same reason! The mask just looks like a nice old man untill you add the “make up”. yikes! anyway i have been trying to figure out how to make a mask, so this tutorial wass very helpful. thank you!

  8. Mary
    Mary at |

    First, I love the mask.

    On the burlap hair. Next time you could try coating the fabric in a paste from bleach powder. I mean, it takes 15+ min to bleach real hair why wouldn’t it take additional time to remove a dark dye from cloth.

    BTW, I’m so trying your dough recipe. I want to make my friend a tree stump jar with a faerie sitting on the lid and I’ve been trying to figure out what to use for it. I think this will be it.

  9. Darla Lovett
    Darla Lovett at |

    I really love it! I’m talking about your skill and creativity! I’m making somethings now and am so excited. I’m going to try your clay recipe Yay! Thanks for sharing all your info. with us :)

  10. Bob C.
    Bob C. at |

    Cute little critters and a scary creepy Joker mask! What a great range of skill you have Jonni and so well done!
    Thank you for sharing….again!

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  12. Joanne Gennarella
    Joanne Gennarella at |

    Love this since I am particularly fond of making masks with paper mache. How did you get the detail with just paper and tape for your armature? And was this form solid enough to hold its shape under the weight of the wet paper mache? Is drying in the oven required since it dries quicker thus making your armature stronger?

  13. Terri
    Terri at |

    Oh, wow! Incredible job, Jonni!! And yes, very creepy.

  14. Mio S.
    Mio S. at |

    Turned out so well, very impressive.

    Maybe he is a bit creepy, but still a great film because of Ledger.


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