Gratitude Project

Gratitude Project for Artists

I brought up the idea of a Gratitude Project for artists in my last video. After receiving a lot of feedback, we now have a plan, which I explain in the video.

There’s no better way to improve our outlook on life than to create a piece of artwork that’s specifically created to say how grateful we are for one particular thing that makes our life better. Some of those things are little, like the sound of crickets singing. Some things are big, like the house we live in or our health. I know I’m grateful for the Internet, because without it I never could have met all of you wonderful folks.

But I forget to be grateful for all the gifts I receive every single day, and I know a lot of us do. So I came up with this way of making it easier to remember.

The plan:

There are so many people who want to be involved that it’s already grown too big for me to organize on my own. But that’s great, because it will be easier for people to get involved. Just post your project (or projects – why limit it to just one?) on your favorite social medial site. Use the hashtag #theGratitudeProject so other people can find it.

If your friends want to know what you’re doing, you can send them to this page and ask them to watch the video.

I mentioned in the last video that we might create a printed book that includes your gratitude project. Sorry – it isn’t going to happen. When I said it, I thought maybe 20 or 30 people would want to be involved. Since it’s obviously going to be much larger than that, and I don’t want to pick and choose what projects would be included in the book (because that means leaving some people out) that’s no longer an option. However – there’s no reason why we can’t make our own Gratitude Journals. I personally intend to do that myself, so I can remember to be grateful every single day.

If you don’t use social media, you can share your project in the comment section below. Your images need to be under 250 kb, because I don’t have fancy software that will reduce the size of your images automatically, like Facebook does. (Mark has more money to spend on software than I do). If you don’t have editing software, just use this free online tool to make your pictures smaller.

It will be easy to find this page next time you visit, because there’s a link to it at the top of the site.


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  • Love your work.. just starting to do somethings and want to buy all your books..but I live outside USA and buy and bring it here make them so a way to buy them and download?

    Thanks for all your videos and blog and all

  • Danny from malaysia. I just finished making the flowers and the cute cats. All out of air dry clay. Hydrangeas flower symbolize gratitude. Roses symbolize love. We need love a lot these days. When humans have love, peace will prevail. People now are lacking of love and so much hatred.

  • I created this PM ornament of my granddaughter with her first kitty, Zena, a few years ago…even tho her eyes are not blue and I was informed Zena’s spots were wrong…. (Zena had left us and I couldn’t remember exactly just where her spots were… 🙂 Still, it gave me so much joy in the creating though I did ended up selling it…to an older woman who was so delighted. When she spotted it she said “That’s ME and my first kitty when I was a little girl!” I am blessed with all the love, given and received, for and from my grandchildren…and for all the joy I’ve gotten from my art.

  • OK, I’ll go first. I did a fast clay sketch of my 18-year old dog Banjo. He’s a pound puppy, probably a cross between Australian shepherd and cattle dog. He was at least 5 when I got him, and he told me for years that he used to live with a man with a pickup truck and a Border collie, but I was never able to find his former owner. He still put up with me all these years and he’s been the best dog anyone could hope for. How could I not be grateful for that?

    • This is amazing, Jonni. Not only the endearing “clay sketch” of Banjo, but the fact that after 18 years he is still with you. That is indeed something to be grateful for. When I feel better I will certainly post here my gratitude project “still don’t get the hashtag thing”? However it’s hard to be grateful when someone is sticking you with needles night and day. But I am grateful to be alive.

      • Hi Joyce – no, the needles don’t sound like much fun, and I haven’t figured out the hashtag thing, either. But we do still have a lot to be thankful for, if only because the sun came up again this morning. 🙂

        I am so sorry you aren’t feeling well. I know you’ve been through a lot already, but we all hope you’ll be back home again soon.

  • Hi Jonni, I am really interested in this project and plan to do something in ceramics. I would say that you might want to do the hashtag thegratitudeartproject as there is already a hashtag for thegratitudeproject to differentiate between them.

    • Thanks Rachel. My daughter noticed that too, but I don’t want to confuse people. Don’t a lot of people use the same tags? The other folks won’t mind, will they?

      • It’s okay to use a tag that is already in use. There are nearly no hashtags that have not been used. The images that came up are inspirational. If you want it to be unique you can have alternate hastags like #Jonnisgratitudeproject or #Octobergratitudeproject or #2017gratitudeproject

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