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  1. kat
    kat at |

    I totally love your frog tutorial I must give it a go!

  2. Kathi Smith
    Kathi Smith at |

    My 10 year old has to make are 3 D frog for a school project. I am not crafty or creative so I want to thank you for posting your instructions. We will be working on the frog this weekend. Thank you again!

  3. Rachel Acosta
    Rachel Acosta at |

    He needs to have it finished by March 27. Is that enough time? What happens to the clay if there is no linseed oil in it?? Should I replace it with something else or try and find another medium?

    Thank you.

  4. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    My 6 year old son has to make a Suriname Horned frog for his school project. In the comments above you said not to use this with small children. Is this because you’re afraid they will eat it or something else?

    This seems like such a great solution to our conundrum. Please let me know.

    Thank you!!

  5. alialba
    alialba at |

    Un placer el conocer tus cosas, grandes ideas y lo mejor tus explicaciones. Me gusta¡
    un saludo.

  6. andie
    andie at |

    What did you use for coloring?

  7. Elvis
    Elvis at |

    gracias x esos pasos me van a ser de gran utilidad muchisimas gracias

  8. george smith
    george smith at |

    Have just found your web site, i have done lots of craft things with my scroll saw ,and have sold them at craft markets in England where im from , but now iv found your site and your utube posting theres no stopping me im off down to my local d.i.y store for supplies and im away , THANK YOU for such a great site cant wait to get started

  9. Juan
    Juan at |

    The frog looks really good! I’ve been working on a giraffe for quite a while now using newspaper and elmers glue as paste. I just read your Paper mache clay recepe and just had a quick question about it..

    Is the paper Mache clay safe to use? Does it have any chemicals that can harm you?

    I’m just asking because I really want to try paper Mache clay, it looks perfect for what i’m trying to do.

    Thank You.

  10. Terra Mar
    Terra Mar at |

    Hi Jonni,
    I wanted to send this along in case anyone else wants less of your papier mache clay recipe and doesn’t want to do the math. It is for 20% (1/5) of your recipe. My husband did the math on an Excel sheet and it worked out perfectly.

    TP 1/4C
    Glue 2.3 Tbsp
    Joint Compound 3.2Tbsp
    Flour 1.5 Tsp
    Oil <1/2 Tsp

    Thanks, Terra

  11. Terra Mar
    Terra Mar at |

    Hi Jonni,
    I love your site. I am a rank beginner, but thanks to your instructions I was able to make a frog!
    I put the froggie development stages, as well as the ‘model’ frog, into a Picasa album.
    Here is the link:
    I am also adding a finished pic below (I think)

    1. Joanne Gennarella
      Joanne Gennarella at |

      Terra – I love your frog – I did not know there were brilliant blue frogs – beautiful!

  12. Manon
    Manon at |

    You have a wonderful website.
    My son is 10 years old and has to make an owl for his school project.
    It needs to be life size ( 18 inches). Do you think making it out of your paper mache clay would work well? He needs to first make the general shape out of paper and masking tape? Also wire?
    Thank you for your help,

  13. Jenna
    Jenna at |

    i’ll be sure to. im going to the store today to buy the supplies

  14. Jenna
    Jenna at |

    thank you. i have to make a 3D model of a frog for my science project.

  15. Jenna
    Jenna at |

    Do you know the names of the commerical products that are similar?, im not to crafty with making things.

  16. Jenna
    Jenna at |

    Can you buy paper mâché clay? If so where.

  17. Karen Baker
    Karen Baker at |

    Have you ever tried full scale large sculptures that could be used on the exterior.I am researching what finishes can be used to save the piece from the rain and snow etc. PS I have a real problem using poly
    prop products. I think you are the best and put together a very professional presentation. Karen Baker

  18. rozi
    rozi at |

    Thank you so much for this great tutorial. I am an art teacher and am now making 6O similar frogs with my pupils. (15yr olds) They love it . I will send some pics when they’re ready. Question : how long can you store the pulp for (white glue, flour, joint compound, linseed oil, toiletroll recipe) Would it keep long in a plastic bag ?

  19. southern quebec
    southern quebec at |

    Unlike your frog, which is very life-like, my dog came out very cartoon-like. It’s here if you would like to look at it.

    I also made a snowman like yours, but it did not photograph well.

  20. Jonni
    Jonni at |

    Yes, Joey–you’re absolutely right. Mystery solved. The photo I found on istockphoto.com is a wood frog, and there’s a great article about them (including the freezing bit) on Wikipedia:

    “Similarly to other northern frogs that hibernate close to the surface in soil and/or leaf litter, wood frogs can tolerate the freezing of their blood and other tissues.”

    Froggy antifreeze. What will nature think of next?

  21. Dr. Caroline Tigeress
    Dr. Caroline Tigeress at |

    This photograph was from istockphoto.com – I was unable to find the specific species of the animal, should I run across it in my wanderings I will update you.

  22. sue
    sue at |

    Love your frog, so life-like!


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