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  1. sevin
    sevin at |

    hi jonni….I love your blog…? have a question to you…? can’t find joint commpound in my country…what can ? use substitue for it….and what is the joint compound….what is it’ real work…thankyou and sorry my terrible english…

  2. Friederike
    Friederike at |

    Is it ok to use sparkling paste instead the joint compount? Thanks

  3. Friederike
    Friederike at |

    Can you also substitute the linseed oil with any other oil( like cold pressed safflower oil?) Thanks

  4. Diggi
    Diggi at |

    Can the clay be used on top of something I have already covered with Gesso? If wanted to add wings or the facial details as an after thought?

  5. Palmer
    Palmer at |

    I am bit confused- does the glay go on the outside of the actual paper mache?

    I have forms made of filled paper bags, cardboard, and standard paper mache- newspaper strips and paste made from water and flower with some glue. It’s not as smooth as I want it, though. Would I put the clay on the outside of the structure? Or would it shrink too much and crack?

    As for the oven- if I have regular paper mache- the same water, flour, glue mixture as noted above- used around the base of an old glass bottle. Can this go in the oven to dry without causing any issues?

    Thank you!

  6. Leslie
    Leslie at |

    Hi I was wondering if there was a substitute for drywall joint compound?

  7. Martin
    Martin at |

    I mixed up a batch of this. The result is close. I think I added too much paper, or else not enough flour. But I also overestimated how sterile my ingredients were. I left it out at room temperature in a cheap tupperware container. After about a week, it has developed a nasty smell and a slight orange/brown color on the exposed surfaces. It’s mildewy.

    My question is, can I still use this batch? Once it dries the mildew should stop growing. But it will probably stink and would probably be more susceptible to mold in future. I guess I answered my own question.

  8. Melina
    Melina at |

    Hola Jonni soy una nueva seguidora de tu página, me gustan todos los trabajos manuales estudié diseño de moda y educación infantil y no tengo ni la más mínima idea de escultura y me gustaría aprender mucho de ti y aprender aunque sea un poco de tu talento, como decidí hacer una escultura de elefante di con tu página, tienes un talento increíble, y tus trabajos son excelentes, el trabajo que me enamoró es el del elefante, pero el rinoceronte es igualmente increíble, gracias por compartir tus conocimientos con los demás, seguiremos en contacto, me he suscrito! Gracias!

  9. Jaynie
    Jaynie at |

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I love this recipe but am having a few small difficulties with the mix when it dries. One batch is lumpy and pulpy and one was smooth with beautiful detail retention. Trouble is, I don’t know what I did differently with the second! Could it be that the paper is too wet? I squeezed out a lot but maybe not enough?
    Thank you, Jaynie.

  10. amanda
    amanda at |

    I just want to share my experience with making the paper mache dragon.
    I think the cardbord dragon needs wire running through the whole thing. The feet weren’t strong enough so I reinforced them both. The armature looked very awsome! Took me all day.
    I made the clay. I put all the ingredients in a blender(used, cheap, garage sale) and the blender broke. so I tried hand mixing it.
    Ingredients: toilet paper, home glue(flour, sugar, water, liquid starch), joint compound, and 1/4 c flour, 1/4 c self hardening clay
    the problem: toilet paper globs, and
    The dragon’s arm fell off. The cardbord became too wet. I should have wrapped it in tape.

    I’ve learned that if I use a blender I need to put the toilet paper in 3x more water, a little at a time, into the blender. after blending I use a fine strainer and push the water out.

    Making the glue I had a problem with it clumping, but I am going to re-read the directions. Maybe I forgot something…a step, or steps in the wrong order.

    Thank you for the inspiration and the website! I will continue with the experiments. When the dragon turns out I will post it.

  11. kathy
    kathy at |

    I found a recipe here http://ultimatepapermache.com/easy-paper-mache-clay-recipe Jonni Good is the owner of ultimate paper mache, she has wonderful tips and tutorial that made working the clay recipe super easy. I really like the way the clay sets up it’s super strong and durable.
    So I would like to give a special Thanks to Jonni Good for all her help.
    This is part of the post I have on my blog I tried to post this before but some how it didn’t post so this is me trying it again.

  12. Sheryl Parsons
    Sheryl Parsons at |

    Hi Jonni, I work with Creative paperclay for my pieces, but have been looking for something I can make at home so I’m thrilled to find this recipe. I already keep joint compound on hand for abstract art, so this will be perfect! Thank you for sharing this.
    Here’s some of what I do. He is a gourd Santa

  13. Paper Mache Clay Snowmen | Housing a Forest

    […] clay and I LOVE it!  It is so fun to work with, and easy to make.  I found the recipe on the Ultimate Paper Mache.  It is an amazing website with lots of helpful information on using this wonderful clay.   The […]

  14. sylwia
    sylwia at |

    Can you apply the Paper Mache Clay to Styrofoam balls?
    Thank you,

  15. starla
    starla at |

    can oil paint be used to paint the paper mache clay?

  16. hasymnshedy
    hasymnshedy at |

    Hello all! I like this forum, i set up tons gripping people on this forum.!!!

    Great Community, regard all!

  17. Chris
    Chris at |

    I have been looking for a good air-dry paper clay recipe forever! I will have to try this. My last project I used fiberglass and auto body filler for. It still lives in my parents garage because I can’t finish it in my apartment (think dorm). I don’t have a porch/outside door and the windows don’t open so…..yeah…

    But my friend wants me to help him with his cosplay and I can do some pieces for my old project here with paper mache. I just needed a good paperclay recipe because, while you can buy it at the store, its expensive. But I have a recipe now. I think a trip to the dollar store is now in order, for some cheap dishes to mix stuff in and container to keep unused clay in. Do you think its possible to make it without a mixer? or do I need to get one?

  18. Terry
    Terry at |

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I am now going onto your website to find out more :)

    MIKEL DAVIS at |

    Thats pretty cool, I think I’ll try it!

  20. Tuli
    Tuli at |

    Hi there,

    ok, so I live in Spain and wasn’t sure if I found the right joint compound… the translated equivalent said Yeso, which to me is plaster, so I bought both, however, both are powdered.. is the joint compound in powder or paste?

    Also, and probably bc of the previously mentioned, my first try at the mixture came out curdly, sort of like cottage cheese.



    Tuli in Madrid

  21. Angela
    Angela at |

    There is a site with some realllly neat items, I am thinking of trying to papaer mache and all the neat things I have seen made make me really want to try it!

    Thanks all!

  22. Lee Lewedag
    Lee Lewedag at |


    Soryy, Cut and paste the above into the address line.

  23. Lee Lewedag
    Lee Lewedag at |

    I am attaching a video of a number we did this past Sunday for a Halloween show at Kendall Ice Arena in Miami. I wrote the script for this number and made the cow’s head using your recipe. We were all very pleased how it worked out. I am the farmer’s wife in this video and the junior cowgirl is my grandaughter Alyssa Archer. I am contemplating donating the cow costume to Miami Children’s hospital. Thank you so much for your help. It was a big success.

  24. Jennifer DuBray
    Jennifer DuBray at |

    Hello, Jonni
    I finally got some free time to make a some paper mache clay, and here is a photo of some of what I have done with it. Thank you sooooo much for sharing your wonderful recipe.
    Thank you,

    Paper Mache Mask

  25. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    Hello! Excellent recipe. Just a question about the linseed oil. What does it do in the recipe? Is it necessary?

  26. Kay Brassell
    Kay Brassell at |

    Hello Jonni!

    I have finally finished that deer (but now it is a elongated pig, hey, they material tells you want it wants to be sometimes!) But I cannot find the post where I said I would show everyone the wire base. So if the picture loads, here it is!

    1. Kay Brassell
      Kay Brassell at |

      And this is it with the paper mache and pulp

      Paper Mache Pig

  27. Anahy
    Anahy at |

    How long approximately does it take for the paper mache clay to dry?

  28. Mickelake
    Mickelake at |


    I’m from South Africa, and am wanting to make papier mache decorative items with zebra stripes and make a mixture that includes – real zebra manure! I also have access in impala droppings! Just not sure about the kitchen blender!

  29. Francine
    Francine at |

    Please help problem with consistency of paper clay made with toilet tissue , ,joint compound, glue,and flour. WHAT did I do wrong. It is very soft not clay like as expected. How can I dry it out or improve consistency of clay already made ..Thanks for any help .

  30. Aleena
    Aleena at |

    what we can use instead of joint compound for paper clay.

  31. Holly
    Holly at |

    I’m new to this medium, but love sculpting in all other forms of clay. I just tried making the recipes here…the one with cellulose insulation….can you tell me what the consistency is supposed to be like after it’s mixed? It seems a little stretchy. Now that seemed kind of weird to me…is that right?

    1. Carol Samford
      Carol Samford at |

      Jonni-i have every flat surface in my house coverd with paper mache STUFF. I’d love to try the cold porcelain clay recipe;’done a bunch with polymer and need to compare. Please list the ingredients one more time.

  32. Karen Baughn`
    Karen Baughn` at |

    I did not see how to open the video. I have a Mac.

    1. Bob C.
      Bob C. at |

      Hi Karen,
      I Googled “Trouble viewing youtube on a Mac” and got the reply below. Just one of many FYI.


  33. Addie
    Addie at |

    that recipe for the clay looks fantastic. i am going to use if for my skeleton skull. thanks so much for sharing it!

  34. Xan
    Xan at |

    Wow, Jonni, I can’t wait to see your finished sculptures! I’m very excited about these clay recipes.

    I’m reminded of “cold porcelain”, which is an air-dry clay based on corn starch. It’s used to make very fine little detailed sculptures, like flowers in particular. Here’s a good link with several recipes and notes on the differences: http://www.theartfulcrafter.com/craft-ideas-nine.html
    There is about 30% shrinkage, so I can imagine there might be some cracking if laid over a dry paper mache form, but I’ve never tried it.

    1. Bob C.
      Bob C. at |

      Hi Xan,
      Thanks for that Porcelain recipe page, such interesting mixes. It also led to Fiona Guagliano’s site with figurines made with it.. That recipe has the translucent characteristic of “real” porcelain too. I was after a recipe that would give a hard smooth finish not the translucent quality her works shows. Impressive stuff indeed!

  35. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    This is fantastic, thanks so much for posting this video recipe how-to, I’ll be linking.

  36. Bob C.
    Bob C. at |

    Hello Jonni,

    I have included the same picture of my egg shaped PM piece used for coating, paste and clay recipe experiments shown near the bottom of this post : http://ultimatepapermache.com/cheap-art/paper-mache-halloween-pumpkins-and-a-centaur Hear it is closer to actual size so it is cropped to the area of interest.

    This picture happened to also include my 1st and only “Porcelain” coating attempt to cover the rough texture of my PM clay made with the paste below seen here.
    (note no flour, Liquid Starch or Wallboard compound).

    4 Parts PVA ( Elmer’s Glue)
    1 Part water
    1 part Acrylic paint

    If you are going to try this (or some variation) I wanted to give you as much info as I have about it because it is very close to what I was looking for. I’m eager to see if your experienced touch and observation can make it happen. I add acrylic paint because it seems to add body and smoothness to the resulting mix but that has not been proven it is just my “gut’” impression. [img]http://i320.photobucket.com/albums/nn348/EagleSoar123/PorcelainArea.jpg[/img]

  37. Laurie
    Laurie at |

    I can’t wait to see your finished leopard and bobcat!!!I am missing my paper mache projects SO much, but alas *sigh* I have dozens and dozens of painting commissions to do now.

    I wrote somewhere about the use of baby wipes…I can’t find it anywhere, when I rewrote it, it said ‘oops..you already said that!’ lol.

  38. Bob C.
    Bob C. at |

    Hi Jonni,

    Wonderful tutorial video, thanks for sharing your knowledge and technique …. again! I’m learning so much from this site!

    I had recently seen a kind of expanded metal used for smaller armatures but had no information about what it was or where to get it until you provided it in this video, an unexpected bonus. Wonderful! I have a project where chicken wire will be required and saw how coarse the 1” openings in chicken wire are.

    I’m eager to try this “Jonni Variation” of clay too it sounds delightful because of the fine finish you describe and the ease to concoct it. I got a funny look from my wife when I asked her to collect all the dryer lint and I can hardly wait to see the expression on her face when I tell her I want to get some cheap toilet paper!

    I made an attempt at a fine finish too. I wanted a homemade PM “Porcelain” finish to act as a smoothing and finishing layer. It dried smooth and VERY hard but cracked if applied above a certain thickness. I’m thinking about adding some Liquid Starch or Glyerine (aka glycerol or glycerine) to the “Porcelain” recipe listed below. I have very limited knowledge of the properties of Liquid Starch, however. Maybe even the Linseed oil you mentioned?

    My Porcelain attempt
    2 Parts PVA
    4 Parts Wallboard compound
    1 Part Acrylic paint
    3-4 Parts Flour

    It got very thick but could be painted on vertical surfaces but was not clay like.

  39. Rocking Paper: Make It Messy with Paper Mache

    […] paper is by making it into a sort of clay. Ultimate Paper Mache has, among other wonderful things, a great tutorial that I’m just itching to try. (Which isn’t entirely fair, as my rabbit is still waiting […]

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