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  1. Gabi
    Gabi at |

    Great sculpt! Very inspirational…. Thanks for sharing your work!

  2. banie
    banie at |

    The dodo bird looks fantastic.Can i have the pattern? I’m planning to make a mini museum in our classroom about animals that are already instinct, and dodo bird is one.


  3. Visitor
    Visitor at |

    Should something like this come up again, instead of a fully-rounded sculpture or a mask with a big beak pointing out of the middle at you, how about trying a half-round sculpture in profile? It would be similar to a mask, I guess, but without the face-on character of a mask with a large, dense shape in the center. I’m thinking like what many marine model makers do by making a half-hull (if it were hollowed-out paper mache instead of solid wood .^_^. )


    I hope that Erin’s dodo project came out well and on time for the graduation!

  4. Joan Allen
    Joan Allen at |

    Amazing bird, the colors and the shape are stunning!
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Brie
    Brie at |

    Wow! Hes so lifelike and CUTE! I love it! Another fantastic job! :D

  6. Project for a Blizzard – Santa, Made with Paper Mache Clay

    […] have done much more work with the clay. However, I had some paper mache clay left over from the dodo, so I decided to use that instead. Covering form with wet clay Creating basic shapes with […]

  7. Erin Hennessy
    Erin Hennessy at |

    This is amazing! I came back to your site (after making the E.T. 8 months ago) to find some tips and inspiration for making a Dodo bird for my sister’s PhD graduation gift (she has a Dodo bird tattoo to show her dedication to protecting wildlife). I started watching your mask making videos, then saw THIS!!
    I really wish you had taken more pictures of the process! Which video tutorial or mask making techniques would you point me to for making a Dodo mask or a smaller Dodo sculpture? I have to make something in 5 days. What do you recommend?? The only thing I’ve made was that E.T. and it took me over 3 months!

    Oh, and I posted it on Youtube and thanked you there, too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqOvNr1lunA

    Thank you!!!

  8. Melissa Kojima
    Melissa Kojima at |

    Wow! Your dodo is amazing. I love how you painted him with patinas and iron. Truly magnificent!!! I like that you used the plater cloth first. I may have to try that some time. Thanks for always inspiring me.

  9. nancy
    nancy at |

    Oh JONNI…….Only you could make a DODO bird look so loveable !

  10. Jose Alvarez
    Jose Alvarez at |

    Hey Jonni,
    This turned out perfectly. It’s another awesome display of your artistic prowess. Good to see you back in creative mode after the big move. Hope to see more of your creations soon. Anything in mind yet? What happened with the Iroquois mask idea you had mentioned before?


  11. Tammy S
    Tammy S at |

    Jonni he is wonderful! I love your painting techniques. You are so talented and giving. Amazing just amazing :)

  12. Kirsten
    Kirsten at |

    How about mixing up some plaster of paris and dipping cloth into it and then
    forming it?

  13. Joanne Gennarella
    Joanne Gennarella at |

    Very cute – but whose Brick in the Yard?

    This reminds me of the the big bird sculpture I copied from a book entitled Paper Mache Today. She sat on two large eggs for hatching and had a long neck and yellow beak. I finally had to get rid of it when her toes began to come off as I didn’t have a place big enough for it to rest without it being disturbed.
    This was some site to behold as you entered my kitchen. There Big Bird sat in all her glory – I miss her now for she is gone.

  14. Taria Lorehand
    Taria Lorehand at |

    I think he turned out awesome and I couldn’t agree more with everyone else. Your talents at this are amazing.

  15. Michelle
    Michelle at |

    Wow Jonni,
    You are amazing! Love this fun bird!

  16. Xan Blackburn
    Xan Blackburn at |

    Cool, Jonni!
    You can’t be a dodo (well, for lots of reasons, but) because you’re not extinct! And, since your creativity keeps mutating, evolution will keep you safe. :D

  17. Michelle V. Alkerton
    Michelle V. Alkerton at |

    Stay inspired!

  18. Kirsten
    Kirsten at |

    You mentioned “very nice plaster cloth”. Did you make it yourself? Are there instructions someplace?

  19. Matt DeGelleke
    Matt DeGelleke at |

    I think he’s absolutely hilarous! Great work!


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