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This is the new official page for the unofficial “Daily Sculptors Group.” Join the challenge to sculpt something every single day — and stay focused on improving your craft among friends.

The challenge is to do the work every single day. It isn’t about creating something that is perfectly finished or gallery-ready. If you show us your daily work it may encourage others to submit theirs, and together we might be able to vanquish Resistance and Procrastination, at least for one more day.

If you want to join us, use the comment section of this page as a journal. Share some of the challenges and insights that you gain from your work, and show off what you made today. Upload photos of your work, so we can see what you’ve been up to. If your images are too big, you can resize them quickly using this free online picture resizer.




  • Hi Jonni,
    This is a little different to what most of your visitors use it for but I wanted to show you what I use your clay and Gesso recipies for to show just how effective a medium it actually is and to thank you for making this wonderful product available to us all. My 7ft 6in Space Marine was constructed in card then fibreglassed before being sculpted exclusively from paper mache clay and gesso, the strength and durability of this product is fantastic. This Suit is wearable and I have had no issues with cracking or loss of adhesion while it has been walking around etc, scrapes or chips from bumps and general wear and tear can be repaired easily. Where I used to use highly toxic car body fillers etc I can now involve the kids in my projects as well as ones of their own, so once again thankyou :).

    • what i do to get paper mache ready to go go outside is i put the elastic coating on it that u use to put on camper roofs and then i paint it the color i want with outside paint this sstatue of liberty was done 2 years ago and still looks jusst like she did when i put her out there so does the baby elephant i made luv ur site hope this helps sue

      • That’s an interesting idea, Susan. Do you happen to have the brand name of the elastic coating you used? And are your paper mache sculptures outside all the time? Does it snow and freeze where you live? Lot’s of questions. :)

    • I got it at Walmart u can also get it at Lowes or home depot. Yes it freezes here and we also get some snow. Yes they r outside all year. I never move them I have several little garden animals I made and so far they r doing great

  • Hi Jonni, This is my second Halloween project, using the paper mache techniques from your website. This year I was a Chinese Dragon and I created a headpiece that set on top of my head so I would have good visibility. It was a rather large piece to work on which was challenging to create a large positive mold for the paper mache and also handling of the drying paper mache and not crushing the headpiece. It was very light and that is what I was looking for!

  • Jonni, I am not the most tech savvy. So please pardon me as I work out the kinks. Currently I do not have a picture to show. I am awed at your work, as well as, featured artist. I absolutely love paper mache. I have tried to replicate your baby elephant. I almost did it too except sometimes I am a little hard headed and therefore, often end up having to figure it out on my own. You made your elephant appear as he is just standing up. I fail to follow that small detail and made my appear as he is walking. (Oops) but I had to go with it because I had already cut the wood with my new toy (a jigsaw). I had the hardest time getting both set of legs to stay on at the same time. I get one set on, the other set falls off. Very frustrating. However today I just wanted to report that after a month (that surely feels like, two) I have finally got both sets of legs to stay on. Now I can move on to the next pat of my project. Oh did I tell you that I am trying to make my elephant into a table. Please send good thoughts my way lol.

  • Here is my latest project. I have made a couple of pigs, but this one I am going to keep. I have grown attached to him already. He is 10″ tall at the shoulder. I’m not great with spots.

    (Jonni, for about a week a month or two ago, I was getting email messages letting me know there were posts. I never get those notices any more. If other people are not getting them, it may be cutting down on the traffic.)

    I love this site and the many people who are creative and willing to share. I am always curious what everyone is up to!

    • Your pig is great, Rex. I can see why he’s a keeper.

      I’m sorry you haven’t been getting your newsletter. I thought they had that fixed. I think it might be a Yahoo problem. Anyone else on Yahoo email who isn’t getting the notices when I put up a new post? And thanks, Rex, for pointing out the problem. We have several guest posts coming, and I know we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on them.

      • Thanks Eileen and Jonni. Jonni, thanks so much for your book. I’m working on penguins, again! Forgot how much work they are!

    • Your piggie is great!! I would love to have one of those around the house I can see why you are going to keep him :)

      I also had this problem with the notification thing messing up. But I went back in and did it again and it is working great now. At least, if I am missing something I don’t know about it LOL

      • Thanks, Carrie and Shelley.

        There are very clear instructions on how to make the pig in Jonni’s book, “Make Animal Sculptures.” I had to laugh at a cousin who stopped by to see the pig when she said, “Oh, you see the skin color under there?” (She lives on a farm.) Then she looked at me and said, “Did you do that on purpose?” So, yes. Jonni tells how to do it well. I tried to make this pig lean back a little, as if he is resisting something. I redid his mouth three times, but in the end he was going to smile no matter what.

    • Your pig turned out great, Rex! I cared for young rescued “farm” pigs years ago and feel you’ve captured especially well the eye, color, and expression.

  • For those who are kind enough to remember my birdies, here’s my latest!
    It’s a (sort of) Victorian couple having an enthusiastic walk in Sintra (where I live. Sintra is knowned for its XIX century romanticism.

    You might notice that actually the shy lady stuffed with lace is being lifted by her strong Sir! 😀

      • Oops indeed! I did resized it… (sorry for the scenario around but i wasnt able to crop it)

        Let’s see this time then…

        Ps- YouTube misses you Jonny!

      • Oh, oops indeed!

        I did resized it… (sorry for the scenario around but i wasnt able to crop it)

        Let’s see this time then…

        Ps- YouTube misses you Jonny!

        • Hi Pedro,

          Your image still didn’t come through. Are you using an iPhone, by any chance? Some people run into problems with their phones.

          And thanks for noticing that I have been rather quiet lately. I’ve been hiding out, writing a new book. Since it’s fiction, I’ve had to learn how to do it, so it’s taking along time. But I have some fun ideas for paper mache, and I hope to be back on YouTube soon.

          • Hi Jonny!

            I was indeed sill writting you from the tablet but today Xtmas came earlier and offered us a computer!

            Wonderful news about the book and the new ideas for paper mache, I’m sure everyone is eager to see you back on the “screen”!

            So I’ll try to upload the image. As I said it represents an late XIX century couple, as if they were taking a walk in Sintra (which is still totally devoted to that epoch due to its palaces and gardens!
            Lets see if it works… fingers crossed!

          • It did work! And the sculpture is lovely – I’m glad you gave it another try. I can imagine the couple walking in your city – what a beautiful place.

    • Hi Pedro. Did you try to add an image of “Just call my Billy” to your comment? If you did, it may have been too large. Could you edit it to make the file size smaller and try again?

      • Hi Jonny!
        Indeed I tried (still on a crapy tablet thing (gosh I really need a PC!)) Let’s try again then …

        • Hey! It worked!
          This guy’s body was made from half a toilet paper tube, newspaper and modelled in toilet paper. Head is flat cardboard modeled with toilet paper and some air drying modeling paste. Arms are newspaper tubes modeled with toilet paper and, finally, fingers are wire covered with toilet paper. Painted with acrylic paint and glaze.

        • Pedro, this little fella is so cute. It is amazing what one can make with stuff just found around the house.

          • Hi, thanks!
            Indeed Christine! That’s one of my passions towards papier mache! Even today I told my wife if whilst going to work if she could check if there would be any papers like publicity and stuff in order to give it some use but in the meantime I went into our own garbage and there was already so much! From bread paper bags to chocolate papers, oat paper packages, etc etc, it was a real feast, lol!

  • Hello! My name is Adriana Chaluppe, I am from Brazil. I like your work. I teach crafts to blind people. This work I’m doing in the picture is using as a framework , a glass bottle and papietagem and a sheet of dough similar to what you do. grateful for the helpful tips.

    • Hello Chaluppe. I think you tried to add a photo to your comment, but it didn’t show up on the blog. This usually happens if the image size is too big. Could you edit the photo and make it smaller, and try again? I’d really like to see what you’re working on.

  • Hello!

    Jonni, I’ve been visiting your site daily for the past 2 months since getting the crazy idea to do an enchanted forest Halloween theme. I created a dragon, unicorn, mushrooms & a sign. I bit off way more than I could chew, but, I finished it all. I learned a ton during the process!! Thank you for all of the inspiration!

  • Hi all
    I’m a newbie to this paper mache craze. I’ve had a great time going through all the posts and video tutorials and I must say I’m totally hooked. I found your site Jonni by accident and I think it was serendipity. I was looking for a way to create a small sculpture without using clay and hey presto I think you solved my problem. If it works I’ll post a pic and tell you of the mods I made to your recipe (hope that’s ok). You’ll get a laugh anyway I sure did.
    By the way one of the “themes” I noticed when looking through the posts was weatherproofing sculptures for outside. Just a thought – there is a product called Styrospray 1000 made by Industrial Polymers Inc. Its mainly for coating styrofoam but they do say it can be used for paper mache.!! Can be rollered, painted or sprayed.No idea of the cost but it should be pretty easy to “google” the product in the states.
    Anyhoo, I’ll be off. Dawn is breaking here in the land of Oz and that means bedtime.
    Keep up the magic.

  • Hope everyone is ready for a great Halloween. I wanted to share an update on my Monster. His name is Frank. His head is a candy dispenser. You load the hopper, turn his bolts and the candy slides down his tongue and rests in his jaw for the trick or treaters to collect. He’s equipt w lights and fog. I have a lot more pics and I will get some video of him in action. He’s made from PM, and his reactor is made from milk jug plastic. Thanks. I have more pics on IG: Theycallme_mr

    Thanks for looking. Happy Halloween Jonni!

  • I hope I am finished making pumpkins. I have made 30, 20 small ones. Here are some of them. I think I have the process down. I saw a real light pink pumpkin and a light yellow pumpkin, so I have three more in the works. Back to other unfinished projects!

    I love seeing what you artists have done and share with us.

  • oops…forgot to add the other image. Thanks for the compliment! The master has spoken well of the student!

  • Hi Jonni,
    Your mask making video inspired me to make some Halloween mask out of paper mache! It’s my first work using your technique. I hope you like them, and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and talent with me.

  • This is a work in progress for a class project and it’s my first time sculpting a bust. It is supposed to be a goat woman and I used craft wire in the neck to attach it to the head. I made this with sculpy, which I love!

    • Hi Makayla. Did you try to upload an image with your comment? If so, it didn’t come through, but I would love to see it. I really like the idea of a goat woman, and I’m anxious to see how you did it. Please edit the image to make the file size smaller, and give it another try.

  • My company is having a Halloween decorating party for each department. We have about 8 open cubes and we decided to go Star Wars. I used some of your techniques, Jonni! Thanks so much!

    I had less than a week working in evenings to get these done. lol. Which is why the craft isn’t top notch. I had to have them next to our heating stove nonstop to dry. Today I take them into the office :) I have a bunch of photos documenting the process. I’ll see how posting images works here. Thanks again! I’m so excited I finally get to post something here and no longer just a “lurker” lol

    • Emily,
      Your little blue guy..(not sure what he is called lol), and your tauntaun head are great! I’m sure you will be the envy of the office!

    • Emily, these characters should be a hit at your office. The creative endeavor and the fun I am sure you had making these in the time constraints you had should be an inspiration to create more. They are really good.

  • Hello,
    I just wanted to share my finished (FINALLY) sculpt of Luigi. Next is the shop towels!
    I hope everyone is doing great on this horribly rainy (at least here in Oregon) day!!

    Carrie H

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