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Want to show off your paper mache creations and join the conversation with other sculptors? We hope you’ll share some of the challenges and insights that you gain from your work, and show off what you made today. And upload photos of your work, so we can see what you’ve been up to. If your images are too big, you can resize them quickly using this free online picture resizer.




  • Spots on his belly and pads on his feet…love it! Did the pads using a dog paw stamp on polymer clay.

  • This is a collective of the little dogs yet to be put into my store, DZYNS, in Ozark. Different angles as you requested Rex!

  • I am going to share several pics of the animals I’ve been sculpting including my granddogger that I made for my daughter’s birthday. If anyone knows how to upload more than one pic at a time please share…

    • They look great – thanks for the additional views. Unfortunately, the image software only allows one image per comment, but you can upload as many comments (with images) that you like. You mentioned you have a store – does it have a website?

      • Not yet, Jonni. I need a little help in that area. I make several different collectibles, most are some type of functional art using paper…I love paper!
        The baby box…I cast the baby in resin then dolled her up; she is the handle to open the box lid.

  • This kitty is my first paper mache effort…before I bought and read Jonni’s books. I used sheetrock mud straight up…wasn’t sure how to do the eyes so he got “glasses”.

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