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Paper Mache ChihuahuaWant to show off your paper mache creations and join the conversation with other sculptors? This is a great place to post a photo of your recent work.

You’re also welcome to share some of the challenges and insights that you gained from your sculpture, even if it isn’t quite finished yet. Need some advice on how to get through a sticky section of your project? Just ask – someone will be sure to offer an idea you might be able to use.

There’s a size limit for photos to keep the page from loading slowly. If your images are too big, and if the photo is on your computer, you can resize it quickly using this free online picture resizer.

If the photo is on your phone, try the tips in this article. Note – some phones show you an image right-side-up, but they’re really sideways or upside down. Check your phone’s user’s guide to see how to upload a photo so it can be viewed correctly on a web page.

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  • I finished my “shy” giraffe. I forgot how long it takes to paint spots. This is for a girl I tended when she was a baby and is now 30 and having her own child.

    • Also, I finished the leprechaun pumpkins — the grandfather, mother, and son. I’m going to try and keep these in my bookshelf!

      • And “my” valentine” mouse, which I’m keeping. This is the most horrid photograph because it is gray, and the eyebrows, whiskers, and around the eyes are purple. Doesn’t show up at all.

        Sorry for all the posts.

        • Aww – he’s cute – and I’m glad you decided to keep at least one. I can see the purple whiskers – they look nice. We love looking at your Valentine mice pumpkins, and all your other work. No worries about posting too often!

    • it’s adorable – the best one yet. and the spots are perfect, with the gradation from dark on top to light near the hooves. That isn’t easy to do. Nicely done – the baby will treasure it.

      • Thank you, Jonni. I learn something new on every one. Next time when I add clay on the legs first, I’m not going to add the ankle bone until I do the hooves. Yeah, the spot thing makes me re-consider my life — not just paper mache. lol.

        • Rex, a veritable smorgasbord of delight. A family of lucky, little lepumpchauns, a very vivacious Valentine vole (do you want alliteration, or don’t you?) and a GOOD GRACIOUS THAT’S GORGEOUS! GIRAFFE (Don’t all groan at the same time, please. I’m trying to keep us all alive)
          But enough nonsense. They are all wonderful, but I did talk to your friend and her baby. Yes, I said her baby. And they want me to inspect the giraffe to make sure it is safe. So, please send to me ASAP. Thanks! ; )

  • Another mask (still in progress)…it’s a bit snug and not altogether comfortable. If I cut a slit somewhere, would that work to add a bit of space?

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