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This is the new official page for the unofficial “Daily Sculptors Group.” Join the challenge to sculpt something every single day — and stay focused on improving your craft among friends.

The challenge is to do the work every single day. It isn’t about creating something that is perfectly finished or gallery-ready. If you show us your daily work it may encourage others to submit theirs, and together we might be able to vanquish Resistance and Procrastination, at least for one more day.

If you want to join us, use the comment section of this page as a journal. Share some of the challenges and insights that you gain from your work, and show off what you made today. Upload photos of your work, so we can see what you’ve been up to. If your images are too big, you can resize them quickly using this free online picture resizer.



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  1. Rex Winn
    Rex Winn at |

    Here is my latest. I’m not too happy with the flower, but it had to end somewhere.

    I am getting ready to make some birds. I am asking for any advice on how to do the feet.

    Thanks, everyone. I love this site. What a great group of people.

    1. Eileen
      Eileen at |

      Rex, you are way too hard on your own abilities. Your flower is lovely. What is the rest of the piece? Is it paper mache, or a painting? As far as the requested advice on bird feet, it really depends on the type of bird you are doing. A songbird can be done with wire and regular paper mache strips, a heron will probably need rebar or twisted coat hangers to hold the bird up. What bird were you thinking of?

      1. Rex Winn
        Rex Winn at |

        Eileen and Christine, thanks very much. It is a “bas relief” paper mache flower. I am doing another one and will post when it is finished. Next time I ought to do a “side” view!

        I want to do songbirds that are normal size, that is, probably 4″ to 9″. I haven’t had the best of luck with feet on birds. They seem to crack way too often. I hadn’t thought of wire with paper mache strips. (Silly me!) Later on I want to do a heron, but I need practice first.

        How do you connect the feet to the body? That is another issue for me because it doesn’t look pretty on the inside.

        Thanks so much.

    2. Christine Majul
      Christine Majul at |

      Rex, that is a gorgeous flower. I agree with Eileen, you are to hard on your self.

  2. Gisela Sylviadotter
    Gisela Sylviadotter at |

    Hi Jonni and all other paper maché friends!

    I call my angels of peace angels.

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Best regards from Sweden

  3. JENNY
    JENNY at |

    Hi Jonni,
    My Names Jenny, i have been wanting to make a herron Bird for my Garden out of paper mache but havent been able to find any dettails on how i would do this … so if you could steer me in the right direction that would be very helpful… or give me some details on how to do this that would be really great…. also id like to make a big pear… i have made a wire shape but not sure on what i could put inthe middle of it to help form the shape…. then on the outside id like to papermache it aswel…. U are very talented have been following your site for sometime now… love everything You have made… Thank you i really hope you can help me ….regards Jenny ps i live in Australia


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