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This is the new official page for the unofficial “Daily Sculptors Group.” Join the challenge to sculpt something every single day — and stay focused on improving your craft among friends.

The challenge is to do the work every single day. It isn’t about creating something that is perfectly finished or gallery-ready. If you show us your daily work it may encourage others to submit theirs, and together we might be able to vanquish Resistance and Procrastination, at least for one more day.

If you want to join us, use the comment section of this page as a journal. Share some of the challenges and insights that you gain from your work, and show off what you made today. Upload photos of your work, so we can see what you’ve been up to. If your images are too big, you can resize them quickly using this free online picture resizer.



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  1. Rex Winn
    Rex Winn at |

    Here is a photo of my first mask. It is as close as I could get to my sister’s first guide dog puppy. Her name was Hester. She didn’t make it into the guide dog program, but she was there to help raise many puppies that went into the program. A special girl.

    1. Jessica Gray
      Jessica Gray at |

      Beautiful! I love the eyes!

    2. Nikki Lawing
      Nikki Lawing at |

      I like your dog Rex…the eyes and expression are really kind and sweet. I knew someone once who took in seeing eye golden retriever puppies. Your dog reminds me of how touching it was to connect with those dogs even though they would have to leave someday.

  2. Nikki Lawing
    Nikki Lawing at |

    Hi everyone,

    This is a different sort of project from what I usually do. But I had this leftover PM clay that I didn’t want to waste. I also had this super sturdy small tube of cardboard that came from this toy that my kids had. The tube was just holding part of the toy so once you opened it, you were just supposed to throw it away. Anyway, I had kept it…because I figured it would come in handy for something. Well, it finally did. I thought it would make a great holder for some of my paintbrushes. Since it was a tube, I had to make a bottom for it which I did with a scrap piece of poster board. Then I covered the whole thing with the leftover clay and painted it and sealed it. Truly a recycled project. :)


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