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  • Hi Jonni! I’ve been watching your videos for over a year now as I dive into paper mache, making stage props and masks mostly. I am currently working on a rhino mask for a client and it won’t be used for dancing so I don’t have to cut out the eyes. So, I’m tempted to try sculpting and painting it, not unlike how you did the dog eye tutorial. But I’m not a trained sculpture or painter. Should I try sculpting in place or should I try making a model like you did and then attaching it later? I’m trying not to wring my hands over this stage in the project, but it is bugging me. I’m still working on the nostrils and how I want to complete the lower jaw, but I’m not expecting too much trouble there. Thanks for your help!

    • Kerry, your rhino looks great. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with eyes, no matter which way you decide to do it. You have a good eye for form. If you’re worried about it, try making an eye separately, to get a feel for it, and then decide. And be sure to let us see it’s when it’s done.

  • Thanks, Eileen.

    Here is the second “Valentine Pumpkin” I gave Cathy last night. I told her we wanted to see them painted after she’s finished. She is going to visit her grandson and daughter, so I hope they come back, at least for a few days. She was surprised I was “leaving” them for her, but I told her it’s a plot so I can see how she paints. (Which isn’t all untrue.)

  • Okay, here is one Valentine Pumpkin. I know, it’s crazy. It is not painted because I make Cathy paint her own. Besides, she is much better than I am. Hopefully I’ll have another one ready for tomorrow so I can give them to her together.

    • Very sweet sculpture, Rex. I was wondering what you would do to make it a Valentines pumpkin. Very clever especially with the love birds. I also like your latest piggy. My have your painting skills gotten professional looking. I hope you are not as intimidated by the painting. You have a great knack for it.

  • Jonni, I just spent the afternoon watching your “how I made a dragon” videos. What a fantastic sculpture and fascinating video(s)! It’s easy to see that you love what you do. Even in my younger days I would not have been able to produce something like that. I certainly hope the legion got a good price for it.

    Long ago in my sewing days I made dolls and bears ….all kinds of things and I decided to make a dog. I wish I had taken a picture of him because he turned out enormous and gorgeous. It took bags and bags of stuffing thenI had to wire his legs because he kept collapsing. He was made of some kind of fur fabric and was about 3 feet long and I don’t know how high.

    Thank you for providing such wonderful videos.


      • I may have a photo somewhere. I used to take pictures of almost everything I made especially my paintings. Took a lot of pictures to paint from and I still have a bag of cameras in a cupboard. Now of course it’s digital and I only print the ones I like and if there are a lot I get them done at Walmart.

        • Joyce, I, too, would really love to see the photo if you can find it. Do you have any pix of your other “dolls and bears”? Could you show us? With Jonni’s permission, of course.

          Jonni, you’ve been very generous in allowing people to show artwork that is not paper mache. Do you have any rules about what type of art you will allow to be posted?

          • Well, hmmm. I’ve never thought about the rules, but I’ve never seen an image I had to delete before posting it, so maybe there doesn’t need to be any rules. I do prefer that people only post their own work (for copyright reasons). Links to other people’s work is fine. If the subject matter was really embarrassing, or politically provocative, or disturbing, I might have problems with it – but nobody ever posts anything like that anyway.

  • Hi Joni

    I’ve been working with sculpting materials for many years. I made a life sized mountain lion about 17years ago and still have it sitting in my house! It won the People’s Choice Award in the Denver Business For the Arts Show in 2000.
    I also sculpt in Apoxie Sculpt – which is durable – but dries too fast for some.
    I ordered the eyes from a taxidermy site and modeled the teeth claws nose and tongue out of Apoxie Sculpt.

    • Pamela, I would love to see your mountain lion. I’m going to be making one myself (much, much smaller than yours) as soon as I finish my goat. Do you have a photo of your big cat that you can share?

      • Yes, Pamela, please show us your mountain lion, if you can.

        Jonni, I know that you’ve made some gorgeous big cats. Masks and full body sculpts. I believe they include snow leopard, bobcat, lion, lion cubs… Can you remind us? Will this be your first mountain lion? How big do you anticipate your sculpture will be? Can’t wait.

        • The mountain lion I’m working on now (as of two minutes ago) will be about 18″ long. Cat sized. It will live outside in Florida, so I’ll use the Apoxie Sculpt or some other epoxy clay. I’m sure I still have enough left from the stash I bought in a buying spree last year.

            • Hi Billy – thanks for dropping by. I know my readers would love to see your work. To get a photo to upload successfully, it needs to be less than 250k. I can usually get them to go through if the images are less than six inches wide at 72 DPI.

      • Yeah, yeah, yeah. We would love to see your mountain lion. (That was my high school mascot. But I’m attached to them for another reason!) Please.

  • Here is my cow piggy bank, although I’ve not been able to put a hole in her yet! We’ll see. It is going to a grand niece who was just adopted. I must say I didn’t want to do a cow, but this one is fun because she is sassy. Her front legs are much shorter than the rear legs, and I gave her a large rear-end that sticks up in the air.

        • Okay, Rex, now you have to make every one of us a sassy cow. LOL. It pains me to ask, but how do you slot your banks? Did you say that there is a way to retrieve the coinage without destroying the sculpture? Please tell me that is so.
          I would joke that artists must suffer for their art, but your pain is no laughing matter. Hope you are better.

          • My artist friend, Cathy, who has not been able to speak for about two weeks, called yesterday. She has exactly the same symptoms as I have, but she has the flu, so I’m complaining less.

            After I tear out the inside of the bank and put it back together. I take a Dremel tool and cut out the slot. I have an attachment that is like a saw, and I keep fiddling with it until I get the slot the size I want. To smooth the slot, I take another Dremel tool that looks like a drill and make the slot as smooth as I can.

            Thanks, Shelbot.

  • A week or so ago, Rex mentioned a brand of varnish that he really liked. I ordered some and tried it today, and I really like it. The brand is DecoArt Americana (some labels have the Americana in big letters, and some give the DecoArt top billing – I have no idea why.) It’s a polyurethane varnish that can be used inside or outside, according to the label (but don’t expect it to waterproof your paper mache!)

    Rex tried the Satin varnish, and liked it. He used it for one of his baby warthogs. Today I tried their Soft Touch varnish, which I’d never heard of before. I put it on the unicorn and the rabbit, which were painted with chalk paint. The finish of the “soft touch” varnish is matte, which I needed for this project, and it feels a bit like soapstone. I didn’t try very hard to avoid brush marks, but no brush marks showed up after the varnish dried. I’m very happy with it. Thanks, Rex, for telling us about this brand of varnish.

    The same company also makes an Ultra Matte version of their varnish, and I’ll try that, too – maybe on the goat. If anyone else tries this brand’s varnish, please let us know what you think of it.

    • Here’s a link to a picture of a squirrel that I made. I was unable to get much detail on the mouth and nose areas because of the head was bent a bit too low and the hands too close together to get to work inside. I applied all the HM paper clay with my fingers I used a tooth brush to do the detailing on the tail. Afterwards I added some cement powder to the gesso mix because I wanted to get to detail the fur (hence the grey colour) but it didn’t work to good as the painting covered it up. Also I think I need to invest in some better quality paints as basic can only do so much. But that’s only if I continue doing sculptures. I saw the links the the beautiful sculptures that was posted a few days ago and also looked up HM paper clay sculptures, have to say I was a bit surprised at the cost of these things but then after doing a few pieces myself I see that its a lot of hard work that goes into them but not only that in a way every piece has a life of its own its like you put a piece of yourself into it. Well that’s the way I look at it.

      • Dazz, I love your squirrel. Didn’t like the line: But thatโ€™s only if I continue doing sculptures.
        It is hard work, but a lot of us really appreciate your wonderful pieces. I hope to see much more from you.
        Thank you for the link.

        • Shelbot, I think of you every day. Your comments keep me on track. Last night I thought, Well, Shelbot’s one command has been completed! Keep doing art. At times I’m amazed how far I’ve come in four years! LOL. And keep your job as commentator!

          • My King, You are one of my favorite artists/people. Always thrilled to hear from you. Now where are the pix of the 4 warthogs & Jez you owe me??? : )

            • I learned one thing from working in the court system. It’s not my fault. I didn’t do it!

              I’m on a little side project of Valentine pumpkins. I don’t know where this silliness comes from. The warthogs have made progress, and in most cases all they need is the hair. You would think I would be intimidated by repetition by now. Thanks so much. How are you doing?

              A neighbor called me today. She has had the flu and won’t open her door. (I’m in hibernation, anyway. Everyone around here is sick.) We have both had headaches every day for over a week. She blames something in the water, but I blame the weather. I won’t talk about arthritis as a matter of principle.

            • Rex, if I may jump in – back when I managed a chiropractic office many years ago, one week every year almost every patient who came to the office complained of a neck ache. It was very specific – when they woke up their neck hurt. They all thought they’d slept in the wrong position or something, but it had to have been a bug of some kind. Of course, they didn’t really need a chiropractor if that’s what caused it, but the doc didn’t turn them away. And everyone always got better. I hope you and your friend also get better soon – and that your whole town recovers from the flu.

              When do we get to see the Valentine’s day pumpkins?

            • Jonni, you described it perfectly. Hopefully whatever is causing it will change! I do think it’s weather-related. The anxiety is that I see weeds appearing here and there. WAY too early.

              I’m working on the Valentine pumpkins every day. I am doing two for Cathy, and I hope to have them finished by Thursday. She can paint her own, which makes my job easier. So, hopefully, Thursday!!!

            • It was almost 45 degrees here today. Maybe we’ll just get a nice early spring. I do hope none of your trees suffer if they wake up too early.

              I think you’re the only one doing any kind of Valentines project. The rest of us don’t seem to be getting into the spirit. Maybe it’s still too soon for the rest of us. You will show us those pumpkins before giving them away, I hope!

            • Rex,
              Valentines pumpkins???? Next it will be Easter pumpkins, 4th of July pumpkins, etc. You are too funny! Though I must admit that I am intrigued to see what you come up with!

      • Ah, yes – the prices. It isn’t just the time that goes into each piece, but the years that go into learning the craft and developing one’s talent and skill. I do hope you don’t give up sculpting – or if you do, I hope you continue with some form of art. The process of creating something is so important, don’t you think?

        • Jonni, I wanted to reply to your comment above about everyone coming into the office with a neck ache. My two older boys have been complaining about their neck’s hurting since the weather has gotten bad and snowed us in. At first I was thinking some sort of flu or something, then it kinda donned on me..they have been spending a LOT of time on their computers since there isn’t anything else to do! So now I’m on a kick of only an hour at the computer then you get up. When they are playing games for an extended time like that I think they tighted up their jaw and neck not even knowing it. Also eye strain and headaches.

        • Art has always come natural to me. I often tell people it doesn’t have to look like an exact replica , like if you’re painting a tree for example. It can be blue or orange , its all art. What matters the most to me is what you put into it. So its a bit disappointing to hear someone say something like “well you know it doesn’t look like a dog or tree or whatever because they just don’t get it. And yes I do believe that creating is important because everything that you create is part of yourself an extension so to speak and might just be around for a long time after you’re gone speaking on your behalf. That’s my take on it.

          Here’s a kitten well “catten” because it doesn’t look much like a kitten but I was experimenting a bit on this piece. I wasn’t looking for realism I tried to go for a bit of a rough textured look ,so I didn’t concentrate on doing too fine a detailing, kinda like painting with your knife instead of using brushes. Oh those eyes lol


    • Jonni, I painted this varnish on the cow, and it was the easiest varnish job I have ever done. I think the “satin” is okay for the piggy bank, but my next bottle will be matte. Thanks for the feedback.

      I got discouraged yesterday when I went online to order some. It got so frustrating I gave up. The prices were from $53 to $9 for a 2 oz. bottle; my bottle was 8 ounces. Figure that one out. I’ll look again. The friend who gave it to me paid $6.99. I may have her pick up more and find out where she bought it.

      Weather report for Utah: foggy and 25 degrees!

      • Hi Rex. The Ultra Matte I bought cost $10, (the regular matte is the same price. I don’t know how they’re different) but I have free shipping because of Prime. (I have to buy all my art supplies online, so the Prime is worth it for me.) The Satin is $5.24, but it’s one of those add-on deals where they won’t ship it unless you buy other stuff, which is really irritating. $53 is insane.

        Here in MN we have bright clear weather, currently 24. Do you have more creative thoughts when the sun is shining? I do. I had to move out of Portland and head east of the Cascades because all the drab winter days were so depressing. How long is your fog supposed to last?

  • Yeh, the last one loaded, I love seeing everybody’s work, lots of good info, and inspiration. I agree with Jonni it’s hard to fine room for sculptures it’s loads easier to fine room for my paintings, but I love both mediums, so if I get over creative it means time for another shelf. Here’s another whimsical one.

    • Awww – it’s adorable. Maure, do you have a full URL to your etsy page? The link you put in the website text box isn’t complete, so it doesn’t go anywhere. I know there are folks who would like to see your store.

    • Maure, all of your pieces are special, but the cat with the green coat and red umbrella—Oh My! Maybe it’s the sad eyes? Please keep on creating and showing us.

    • Maure, your sculptures are wonderful. And they are a great reminder that I need to loosen up! I love everything about them, the form and the painting. Thanks so much. The cat just says it all. That’s how I’m feeling this morning with the fog and cold air.

  • I’m having trouble posting, I keep getting a you got lost message saying this page isn’t there or something like that, is anyone else having this problem?

    • Are the vines real? If not, what did you use to make them? They’re very realistic – almost as if the Kudzu was moving into the house. Your furniture must get a lot of comments from your visitors – I’ve never seen anything like it.

      • Forgot the pic.thats my unicorn behind. Would you like to see my rustic jewelry also? Poly clay and beads?

        • I love your tree!! I’m looking to make a cherry blossom tree for an event in early March — may I get tips on trees, please? It’s been years since I’ve worked with paper mache, not to mention it wasn’t anything past a volcano and igloo…

          Thank you,

          • Hi, Vanessa
            My unicorn is also named Vanessa. Thanks for the compliment. The tree is easy. Make sure the base is sturdy enough so it won’t tip over. I was thinking about using an old floor lamp for the base. Pole would be perfect for the tree. I’m going to try but also use it as a lamp. Make sure newspaper is twisted and taped to the thickness you want. Add The branches, I used lg. L brackets and wrap with wire until secure and strong. I lengthened with wire then wrapped with twisted w/twisted newspaper and tape. Shape branches. Now add Mache Magic. Jonni recipe. Let dry and add another. I make it rough. I painted mine brown Then antiqued in black or very dark brown/black. Spray with mat spray.

    • Hi, Jonni
      The vines are just newspaper twisted tight then wrapped with masking tape. I used your mache magic with the compound and glue. The top started out with a box and covered with your magic and filled with newspaper. I then decoupaged the flowers over the flat black paint. The finish is antiqued with dark brown wax.

      • Mache Magic – dang, that’s a much better name than Paper Mache clay. I sure wish I’d thought of it. ๐Ÿ™‚ We get a lot of questions about how to make a paper mache tree, and specifically how to get the bark to look realistic. Have you made any trees?

        • Hi, Jonni
          Hopefully I can get my 5′ tree pic to you. My tree is made for he art center to hold their and my jewelry. They decided to hang my butterfly and hummingbird wreaths made from 3-d paper. Then Imade wire spring to make them flutter. Also painted flat black paint on the back so you can mount them on a mirror and it looks like shadows. The tree is simple I used a 11/2″ black pipe as that’s what I had. Drilled a hole in a round cutting board. The tree is again wrapper in twisted newspaper very tight. Keep wrapping with masking tape until you get the thickness you want.for the branches I had some lg. L brackets plus heavy wire for the length.I added the brackets 1/2 way thru wrapping the tree w/newspaper gives good support.I heavily wrap the brackets with wire. Again good support. Branches same as trunk. I paint the tree a black and brown paint. Then antique wit black paint and flat spray.

          • How strong are the limbs? If a child grabbed one, do you think it would crack where it joins the trunk? Your butterflies look really nice hanging on the tree – it’s a great idea for a display.

            • Hello, No grabbing the branches. This is only for display. Depending the size and I would I would use pipes and pipe connectors for trunk and branches. The base? Any ideas? I forgot I used mache Magic on the full tree but leaving spaces where it doesn’t fully cover. That was a dumb thing to forget. SORRY!

    • Nancy, you’re pieces are really wonderful. Just wish the pix were right side up. But please keep showing us, in any event.

      • Nancy, I apologize. All I have to do is right click on your pix and then click on “Open image in a new tab” to see them upright. I like your wonderful creations much better that way. : )
        And Jonni is right about the little bird on your duck table. Love it!

  • Hello Jonni,Sorry about my mess. I ‘m using your re-size at 75% smaller. Don’t know what else to do. Help!

    • It worked! What an interesting table – I’m glad you kept trying. Some big sites, like Facebook, have built-in programs that can reduce the size of an image, but this site isn’t that fancy. By the way, the little bird sitting on top of the duck table really makes that photo – nice work.

  • Ok I’m now rested.
    My duck table and the bird on top is paper mรขchรฉ covered with poly clay. I just wanted to try.

  • Hello,again my duck table. I’m hoping this works. I just read that I don’t have Alzheimer’s because I do remember a day or two later. So hoping my pic comes thru.

    • Hi Nancy. The duck table didn’t make it through the system. How big is it? Did you try to edit the photo to make it smaller? Most cameras are set to save photos that look good in print, and that’s way too big for a website. There’s a couple of links at the top of the page that might help, if you don’t have an image editing program.

  • Hello, I finally finished my duck table. I saw a bird chair on line and that’s where my duck started. I even found a place in my art room for him.

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