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  • I gave Cathy, my neighbor, a warthog, and this is it painted. I love her paintings, and I think she is quite excited to paint a sculpture. I must add she paints gourds beautifully.

    • Rex, I’m going more nuts than I already am. Did the warthog picture not post or GAHHH? If not, PLEASE try again. If, yes, PLEASE help me find it.
      Also I got the message saying: I think she has created a couple of followers.
      The email link took me to 2012. Is that where I’m supposed to look???
      Were you talking about Missy? Okay, I went back a page and see that you were indeed talking about Missy.
      Sorry, Rex, my ancienttude is really showing today.
      I love you neighbor’s pumpkin, but love yours too, of course.

  • Here is the Christmas pumpkin that I gave to my neighbor. She brought it back painted. Outdid me, for sure. I love it so much. Now she has come up with designed for further pumpkin holiday projects!

    (I replied to 4 or 5 comments a couple of days ago, and I don’t think they went through. Some HTP error. !!! I’ll try again.)

  • I would just like to mention that I have 2 WIP using Das air dry clay. When I am finished I will post them but l just wanted to tell you what I have learned so far. I find DAs very hard to work with. I am used to polymer clay which can be rolled very thin, and formed into small things so easily and can also be smoothed with your fingers ar a tool. Das can do neither of these. I have to keep wetting my hands to work with Das and then washing them often to get rid of the residue. It breaks a lot and is hard to mold. As you can tell. I am not entranced with this clay. Perhaps I am not using it right but I can’t find any tutorials that offer help except the ones that use molds and I don’t like those. I am only continuing with it because it was expensive and I find now I could have bought it for way less. Maybe by the time I have used it all up I will like it more but I doubt if I would buy it again.

    Anyone with any thought on this?

    • Joyce, from what I’ve read, you seem to be using it the way it was intended. Other artists also find it difficult to work with. I probably can’t find any info/tuts that you haven’t already seen, but I’m going to do some searching.

    • Joyce, I see that Bwana Foster sometimes uses Das air dry clay. Maybe we could enlist his help. Although he may use molds…Are you making small objects without an armature? If not, are you using wire, foil, cardboard, etc.?

      Jonni, do you know if Bwana ever did a guest post using Das clay?
      OR maybe you know all about Das yourself!?

      • I don’t think he’s ever done a guest post with Das air dry clay. I don’t think we have any aticle about that product on this site. Maybe if you left a nice note on Paul’s latest YouTube video he’d see it, and come help us out. I know he’s rather busy with their new lodge, but he does occasionally post a new sculpture on YouTube.

        I personally know absolutely nothing about Das clay. Sorry.

  • Hi all, since I made my last comment I’ve been trying to get the materials to make to try my hand at PC projects but so far I’ve been unable to find any 1 gallon joint compound except the DAP brand in my country, so I’m basically stuck (lol) with a gallon of glue but no joint compound for the mix. Are you 100% certain that the dap brand is ineffective ? I don’t want to buy a 5 gallon bucket (the only size that comes in a different brand) as its basically a tryout and stuff is pricey in my country as most stuff is imported. So if anyone has used the dap brand with success please let me know.

    • Dazz, do they happen to sell the small bucket? It’s possible that they use a different formula in your country, and that it would work just fine. But if you can only get it in a huge bucket, it wouldn’t be worth the experiment. Here in the US, I’ve tried DAP purchased in different states, and they react differently. I used it when I made my ballerina bunny, and it stiffened a bit in the bowl, but still worked. When I bought it somewhere else, I got little rubber balls. You can tell right away if it will work or not by mixing a spoonful of the joint compound and the glue. If it stays wet, it’s good. If it gets stiff, like rubber, it’s bad.

      In my town, the easiest place to buy non-DAP drywall joint compound is at Walmart. Do you have Walmart in your country?

      • Jonni, Probably not at all helpful (sigh), but anything here?

        I’m sure you’ve explained the function of joint compound in your recipe, but I keep thinking there has to be something that would work that more people have access to. And, forgive me, does it need to be premixed compound or can it be dry that you mix yourself? What able spackle? I guess that is always going to “rubberize”?

        • It looks like the Frugal Crafter is using my recipe with the addition of liquid starch. I’ve seen the same recipe on other sites, too. This just means that my recipe has become so popular and has been shared so often, that a lot of people no longer know where it originally came from. Which is perfectly OK, but it wont’ help Dazz. The added starch wouldn’t remove the ingredient in the DAP formula that keeps it from working in paper mache clay.The problem with DAP is that it contains boron, which is used to inhibit mold. That isn’t a bad thing, when the stuff is used on the wall. It’s a bad thing when you add Elmer’s glue (or any PVA glue) because it turns the mixture into Flubber. Again, if you wanted Flubber, that would be OK … 🙂

          I have no idea what is in spackle, but I don’t think it’s the same stuff as the drywall joint compound, which is made out of some kind of calcium – gypsum or calcium carbonate. Mix calcium, with glue, let it dry, and it’s hard as a rock. Maybe spackle would do the same thing, but I’ve never tried it. I have tried adding glue to powdered marble (calcium carbonate) and paper, and it cracked, but with more experiments we might be able to get it to work.

          What I don’t know, (but you just reminded me that I should try to find out), is if the powdered version of DAP will work, even though the pre-mixed stuff doesn’t. I assume they include the boron, since it’s there for a reason (the other brands don’t use it – but I don’t know why not). But the powdered product also includes plaster, which will make the pm clay set up faster. They have one hour powdered joint compound, and that should work. I do know that people have used the powdered joint compound, with some juggling of the other parts of the recipe to make up for the loss of wetness, but I don’t know if they tried DAP.

          I hope I didn’t overwhelm with info now. For anyone here in the US, the easiest thing to do is to go to Walmart and buy their small container of drywall joint compound in the paint department. For those countries that have somehow avoided a Walmart in every town, that’s not an option.

          • Jonni, wish they’d give attribution, but as you point out, your recipe has been shared so many times people don’t know that you were the clever little chemist who came up with it. (Hush—I can call you a chemist if I want).
            But I was actually talking about the brand of joint compound. However, Dazz was saying they apparently only have DAP brand there. So, I guess asking for a specific non-DAP product (to be ordered) at the hardware wouldn’t help.
            BTW—Loved your “Flubber” reference : )

            • I don’t mind not getting credit – in fact, I like the fact that this concoction can be made in a variety of ways. I’m not sure what the starch is for, though. Maybe I’ll try that someday.

              Since it looks like you wanted me to actually read that article (OK, I confess – I skimmed), that means I really did give you way more info than you wanted. But, yes, Sheetrock brand joint compound works great. It used to be the dominant brand, but it’s getting harder to find for some reason. And, as you and Dazz mentioned, it isn’t available in all countries, although I believe it used to be quite widely distributed.

              I saw the original movie when it came out, probably at a drive-in theater. Fred MacMurray, right?

            • And, yes, Fred MacMurray in “The Absent-Minded Professor” and the “Son Of Flubber”, I guess. Really don’t remember much.

            • Me either. Don’t remember it at all, to tell the truth – except for the word Flubber. It’s a funny word, easy to remember.

            • Jonni and Shelbot, the Frugal Crafter does give credit to the Ultimate Paper Mache blog and one other blog for the idea. She also thanks them, further down in the article. So Jonni was given credit even though she doesn’t care. Good for the Frugal Crafter!

            • Thanks for the catch, Eileen, and for ACTUALLY reading the article, which, clearly, Jonni : ) and I did not.
              My mind is so gone that you know that someday one of the artists here is going to make a papermache milk carton with my brain on the side.

      • Hi,
        I wasn’t aware that dap might be mixed differently so I guess its possible that it may still work. I’ll still call up a few other hardwares to see if they have any 1 gallon buckets. Unfortunately we don’t have wall mart here and many of the stuff I see like the polymer clays an air dry clays are difficult to get here unless you order them from Amazon and then with shipping they’re like triple the price or more so I was looking for a cheaper option so I could try my hand at larger stuff without the added expense. Hopefully I’ll get the gypsum compound in another brand if not i’ll try the one gallon brand ,who knows it might be a different mix. But I do understand what you mean by rubbery as thats what I got when I mixed the dry wall plaster in my batch last time and had to throw it away. Heres a practice piece I did using fimo air dry clay .I’ve never sculpted a human figure before and I thought since its Christmas why not. btw I’m not much of a sewing person so the clothes isn’t that good and I couldn’t find any doll hair or furry cloth in the store so I used the fiber stuffing they use for toys instead I have to be a sort of Mac gyver having to use what I have when I can’t find stuff that I need. I was thinking of using the paper clay and air dry clay like fimo together for more details when I’m able to make it.

      • Hi. I got some trouble trying to post this awhile ago so I’m not sure if I sent another before. Yes they sell the small buckets of dap here it seems that’s all that I can find in drywall compound here and unfortunately we don’t have a wall mart here so its the hardware or bust. the larger 5 gallon buckets come in another brand but its like almost (50 US) dollars if I convert it to your currency which is pretty pricey imo. So I’m hoping that I’ll get some at some time so I can try my hand at some large projects . I’ve recently started to use air dry clay FIMO but even that is a bit difficult to get here and you basically take the colors that you do get and I was thinking about using it together with the home made air dry clay for perhaps better details.
        After making the Santa from the home made air dry clay as I wasn’t able to find joint compound I decided to try the fimo air dry clay and make one of those OOAK dolls ,the sculpting was easy but sewing was hard as I didn’t know how to sew clothes and had to watch you tube videos to learn how. here’s the result. I;m new at sculpting so its a work in progress and I wasn’t able to find furry cloth or doll hair so I mac gyvered and used the fiber stuffing that they use for toys.

        • Dazz, even though you ran into a lot of challenges, your Santa turned out really nice. In fact, I’m quite in awe of you making his clothes, when you’d never sewn clothes before. That is not easy! And I like the beard.

          • Thank you. Again I’ll say sewing wasn’t easy I had a back ache after as I was hunched over sewing. People on line make it look so easy. So I’ll post again whenever I get the correct joint compound and mix up a batch of PC.

        • Nice Santa, Dazz, he even has COOKIES! And the clothes are great.

          Jonni, when they say “order samples & literature” at the following link, do you think they actually send samples to anyone who asks? May not be enough to make anything. I haven’t tried, but maybe Dazz or someone could?

          To contact the customer service center,
          please call 800.950.3839 between 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. CT, Mon – Fri.

            • Jonni, talked to a guy at DAP. He seemed to think all the products, premixed and dry, would have the same effect (as you suspected). He said he’d pass it along, but I don’t think he took my suggestion that they make a joint compound formula, for artists/crafters too seriously. : (

  • Regarding this Fur painting class your daughter might do, and the question if she should use a mask or a flat canvas, I’d say, whatever is easiest for her to teach methods. She can’t anticipate the types of textures we will be working with, so, it might be nice to just start with some basic methods from her on canvas. Either way, her time and skills will be appreciated. Thanks Jonni.

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