Jonni Good, Ultimate Paper Mache
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About the author

Jonni Good

I'm a sculptor, author, gardener, and grandma. When I'm not catering to the needs of my obnoxious cat, I make videos, create stuff, and play around with paper mache. I'm also the author of several highly-rated books on paper mache. You'll find them in the sidebar, and on


  • Hi Jonni. I love your detailed work on the clown fish. I’ve used “mud” on occasion to fill in small cracks on sculptures. After reading some of your tutorials, I might use more of it! My wife and I just finished a 6-foot tiger for the World Wildlife Fund. Now they want it shipped to Qatar! Keep up the great work. I’m definitely going to use your site as a great resource. Take care.


    • Beautiful Shark! The shipping idea is not so beautiful. In fact, it sounds downright expensive. It’s very nice of you to take on a project like that – was the shark part of a fund-raising event?

  • While I’m flattered, I certainly didn’t invent the idea of art in benefit of animals! It is a great use, though. In auctions and raffles I’ve participated in or watched, art, and particularly 3-D art, often brings in the best response (read: $$). Your work should be very helpful!
    Might I suggest selling the work, with a portion going to support a group you like. That way you can both be supported by the art! 😀
    Love the fish, and the talkative cat. Maybe she just wanted you to drop it, so she could see if it tasted as good as it looked!

    • Yes, I know you didn’t invent the idea, but you introduced it to me in a way that made sense. Therefore, you originated the idea as far as I’m concerned….

      That cat just talks all the time. My brother said that most cats say something in particular when they talk, but mine doesn’t seem to be saying anything – just making noise. I hate to admit it, but he may be right. Is there something inherently loud about rag-doll cats, or is it just mine? And I wonder why I get most attached to the weirdest critters?

  • Hi there! First of all, let me tell you that you are a great artist! I found your website just for luck! I wasn´t even looking for maché.. It was destiny hahaha, anyways.. Its so entertaining that I read n saw everything it´s on your website haha, very nice job! Now, I can´t wait for your book! I want it nooow. I hope I can get it here in Mexico or at least with international shipping. I´m so excited im gonna try making a sculpture this weekend =D. Congratulations for your work, for your website n thanks for taking the time for sharing your experience n knowledge to all of us. Good luck!

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