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  1. zindy
    zindy at |

    Help me . Can you tell how to make a big paper mache bulldog plese.Can you send a video to me plese.

  2. Melanie
    Melanie at |

    I love this bulldog! I only recently stumbled upon this website and love it. I was inspired enough to whip up some paper mache clay and make my own paper mache dog. I will say that, in my impatience to create, I didn’t use cardboard patterns like you suggest, and as a result the legs are disproportionately large, and look like things I just stuck to the sides of the body (which I did). Also, I used semi gloss polyurethane (it’s what I had on hand) to seal it, which is way too shiny Lessons learned, and I hope to get better with my future animals. Thank you Jonni for sharing your expertise!

  3. Joanne Gennarella
    Joanne Gennarella at |

    Your bulldog is wonderful just like all of your work. Your reference to the dog of your youth, and it being a very long time ago, makes one nostalgic for days past. But us “older timers” must remember that every day is a gift, and brings us one day closer to getting better, as is widely evidenced by you and your work. Yours, Joanne

  4. Sprinda
    Sprinda at |

    p.s. meant SKETCH not SCATCH!!

  5. Sprinda
    Sprinda at |

    As always, amazed at your lovely work. The scatch you did at 10 yrs old of your ole faithful pooch is incredable. I don’t know many 10 yr olds who could draw that well. A true artist in the making “way back when”. Thank you again! Looking forward in seeing more.

    Still cold in Sweden…. Wishing for some of that OR heat!!!!

  6. priyadarsini
    priyadarsini at |

    hi mam by cing ur tutorial i made 16 cms elephant ,with that pattern which u gave
    mam plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can u give this dog pattern ,i want to make dog
    eagerly waiting for ur answer

  7. Watts
    Watts at |

    I function with these dogs and as far as animal behavior goes, I am a solid believer in nurture and training. I have met Jack Russell Terriers that I wouldn’t go close to again, but have for no reason had a poor expertise with an American Staffordshire Terrier. If you’re talking about their owners- nicely, which is a distinct story. Humans are creatures as well, and we tend to each have our unique strategies about “moral concepts”.

  8. Ashley
    Ashley at |

    wow. thats gorgeous. looks like myy dogg.
    i lovee itt. can you tell me how to make that. i have to do something for art class like this and i wanted to make something like this but i dont know how to. so can you lett me know how? i wantta make something creative.


  9. Karla
    Karla at |

    Very sweet :)
    Do you ever sell your sculptures??

  10. Robin McClure
    Robin McClure at |

    Very nice sculpture. I enjoy the way you cature expression. One note though, as a American Pit Bull Terrier aficianado I have to coment. The American Bulldog is a breed of its own and is not another term for Pit Bull.

  11. attatudy
    attatudy at |

    He is gorgeous. very nice work

  12. Joey
    Joey at |

    He’s adorable! I’m a fan of the “bully breeds” (one is snoring at my feet now), and I instantly recognized that expression and stance even before you finished him. My three year old just walked up to the computer and said “Look Mommy, it’s Medic!” (thats the snorer’s name). Well done, he’s definately the all American Dog! I wish more people appreciated these guys.


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