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  1. Chiara
    Chiara at |

    Hi Jonni,

    the ballerina bunny is so lovely!
    I have a “basic” question: why do you use paper mache for your sculptures instead of argil? Do you prefer the technique, the material or did you come to the paper mache for a chance and you kept using it?

    Is it a silly question?

    Thank you very much for all your tutorials!


  2. Tommy Catman
    Tommy Catman at |


    I found you as I was contemplating making a sculpture to put outside my market space in New Hope, PA. What’s your cat’s name?

  3. peggy
    peggy at |

    I just love this!! Watching you spread the clay over the base I had to wonder would a cake decorating tool such as a fondant smoother make this less labour intensive.. thank you for sharing all your god gifted talents

  4. Joanne Gennarella
    Joanne Gennarella at |

    Love the ballerina so far almost as much as your cat. Now what are the ingredients in the new Jonni Clay? I haven’t kept up with the variations and want to try it out.

  5. Don
    Don at |

    Jonni I just want to say I think you’re such an inspirational PM artist. Your tutorials are very educational and complete in explaining what you’re doing. I haven’t tackled making any naturalistic critters yet but hope to soon. Mine are mostly monsters and such.
    Not to try and teach the teacher a lesson but I have a little hint I saw in one of Dan Reeders books that may help. You seemed to have trouble tearing the tape and holding the paper as you went. He pre-tears strios of tape and sticks them loosely to nearby desks, tables or whatever. Thanks for all you do with your great work.

  6. Joanne Gennarella
    Joanne Gennarella at |

    Hi Jonni – love your newest bunny ballerina video. You know I will have to copy it.

    Have you seen my Facebook page lately? (I’m not sure if I’m connected to you there.)

  7. Joanne Gennarella
    Joanne Gennarella at |

    I’m a video behind and haven’t even viewed number one of ballerina bunny, but I don’t have to see it to know that it will be something I must copy.


    Hey Jonni – have you seen my Facebook lately?

  8. Gisela
    Gisela at |

    Hallo Jonni!
    I would like to be with the ravens

  9. Mònica
    Mònica at |

    Me encantó el tutorial !!!! Espero verla terminada. Cariños

  10. Natalie
    Natalie at |

    Hi Jonni, Another fabulous piece of inspiration from you! You are my hero!!

  11. Gary Walvoord
    Gary Walvoord at |

    Jonni, Having purchased two of you book recently, and watching your videos, I want you to know how pleased and excited I am to have discovered you. As a professional sculptor (for decades) using media other that paper mache, the discovery of a light weight material approach resulting in both strength and good surface texture is what I have been looking for. Although not personally sculpting animals, your video showing the building the rabbit triggered my memory of seeing an uncast wax model of a ballerina by Degas in the Metropolitian Museum in NY over 50 years ago. And then combining that with the humorous rabbit sculptures in fired clay by Wendy Timm in Tucson AZ, (www.wendytimm.com) I am prepared to move forward with my own abstract sculpture using most of the techniques you write about and demonstrate. I’m just waiting now to see how you finish up the ballerina rabbit. One question is: Have you ever mixed very fine wood powder into your ‘clay’ mixtures?

  12. debbie
    debbie at |

    I love your ballerina. She is going to be awesome. I have a question. I love to make pm figurines. I’m not good at it. I’ve gleaned so much from you and your vids, books..etc.but I would really like some type of hands on teaching. I think I need someone to show me what I’m doing wrong. So… can you suggest how I could go about finding someone to help me. I know the Junior College has an art departments but I don’t want all that . I just want to learn Paper Mache. To do it better. This may be a stupid thing to ask but honestly I keep making pm projects and I keep doing the same mistakes over and over. Hope you can assist. thanks

  13. Christine Majul
    Christine Majul at |

    This is going to be fun. I look forward to the next series of videos to see how she turns out.

  14. Terry
    Terry at |

    So FUN Jonni! You are so imaginative. Thank you for the tutorial – I missed them!


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