Jonni’s Sculptures

The images below show you some of my recent paper mache and paper mache clay sculptures. Please contact me if you have any questions about these sculptures.

To see a larger image, click on any of the images below.


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  1. Dee
    Dee at |

    I can’t stop making these animals, as soon as I finish one I start another, each one takes about a week for the drying period; Thanks Joni, I love, Love doing these !!!

    1. Cherie
      Cherie at |

      I know exactly what you mean. I keep mixing up bowls of paper pulp and nothing is safe. I currently have the makings of an Inro drying in my porch.

  2. Dee
    Dee at |

    I can’t stop making these animals thanks to you, each one takes about one week depending on the drying time, as soon as I finish one I start another; now I have no more room in my den, I’ll have to move !!!

  3. Karen
    Karen at |

    Wanted to mention that the expandable Gorilla glue works wonders!

  4. Karen
    Karen at |

    Another pic befor I put the head on

  5. Karen
    Karen at |

    Ho Jonni!

    Just wanted to thank you for all your instructional videos and recipes. I “accidently” cound you when i was scouring the Internet for foam tosculpture an OLaf for our outdood christmas decorations.

    Needless to say I ended up making him from paper mache. Ive tried to waterproof him the best I can but have a feeling he wont make it past Christmas.

    Anyway I wante to share with you.


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