Paper Mache Bulldog

Jonni’s Sculptures

The images below show you some of my recent paper mache and paper mache clay sculptures. Please contact me if you have any questions about these sculptures.

To see a larger image, click on any of the images below.



  • Hi there!,
    I would like to know if you remember the year you created the calico Angel Cat sculpture?? And if you still have it in your possession, an estimate of the size of it and your intentions for making it. Kind of like an Artist Statement.
    Thank you, Desiree.

  • Hi I love useing your airclay and I tried your Geeso and I love how it works I’m making a fairy sitting on a much room and I love how it’s looking ty for sharing your Geeso 😉 .cindy. My fairy us 4 feet 10 inches

  • I taught art grades 1-12 any you are amazing. What an easy and comfortable way you teach. Never send an entire 3rd grade from a school with one and two headed 3 – 4 foot” long. The bus driver will be very angry. Yes I did that. Thank you for shattering. I took (bookkeeping boxes with take off lids, added feet to the bottom of the box. Neck and head to the top (which can be taken off when you make your a nominal base. Just like you died the elephant. You should try it. These things make beautiful gifts. My students call the paste whale slime. Teachers should work with more 3D lesson plans.Thank you. Does your company have a phone number.

  • Help! I Have A Project In Aral Pan.
    It Was A Paper Mache Sculptures.
    I Dont Know How To make It Like A Oil Lamp :(
    Please Help Me.

    • Hi Kath. You can crumple paper or aluminum foil into the shape of your lamp, and hold it together with masking tape. Then cover the form with paper mache. I can’t remember if oil lamps have handles, but if they do you can use a bit of wire inside the handle to give it some strength, then cover the wire with crumpled aluminum foil, and then do the paper mache. If the lamp has to be hollow, wait until the paper mache is dry and then cut it in half, remove the paper or foil form, and stick it back together with more paper mache. Let it all dry, and paint.

      Have fun with it!

  • Dear Jonni

    Just wanted to say thank you so much. I love reading your articles and watching your videos.

    I have made some paper mache lamp shades using the raw glue recipes, I am loving them!

    Thank you so much. :)


  • I can’t stop making these animals, as soon as I finish one I start another, each one takes about a week for the drying period; Thanks Joni, I love, Love doing these !!!

  • I can’t stop making these animals thanks to you, each one takes about one week depending on the drying time, as soon as I finish one I start another; now I have no more room in my den, I’ll have to move !!!

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