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  1. Cory
    Cory at |

    I usually give my classes a week-week and a half each to build/modify and then to paint. Each class session last around 42 (minus the time to get supplies and clean up, so really we only get about 20-25 minutes). I hope this helps with setting up you classes. Good luck!


  2. Bill Owens
    Bill Owens at |

    Jonni and Cory,

    First let me say that the examples above and in the book are both inspirational and intimidating, because they set the bar of creativity and artistic quality so very high. But I’ll try to focus on the inspirational side ;)

    Second, I wonder if you could give me some feedback, based on your experience, on how a class for mask-making might be scheduled. We’re trying to pull together about a half-dozen kids, mostly teens and all part of commedia dell’arte group, to make masks. As always it’s difficult to find times when everyone can get together, so we want to get as much done as we can in each session. Based on my reading of the book – but not having made any masks myself, yet – I think it might work if we divide the work across four sessions:
    – making the face mold
    – creating the mask mold and laying up the mask
    – removing the mask, finishing the surface with gesso and wet polishing
    – painting

    Is that an appropriate amount of work for each session? I’m trying to be aware of the drying time in each step, but fit as much in as we can. . .


  3. christine majul
    christine majul at |

    I love the idea of the totem pole, it is a new way of seeing. You have a lot of budding artists in your classes and that totem pole will be a brilliant addition to the school decor. It also helps your students think outside the box. I never get tired of seeing the projects these talented kids are capable of. Keep up the good work.

  4. Melissa Kojima
    Melissa Kojima at |

    Amazing animals! What a fun way to put them together. Really inspiring!

  5. Jose Alvarez
    Jose Alvarez at |

    Love your totem pole!!!! That was a great idea to do it that way.


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