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Jonni, Getting Some Help From Her Friends
Jonni, Getting Some Help From Her Friends

Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Jonni Good, and I’ve been adding posts and tutorials to this blog since November, 2008. It’s now one of the most popular paper mache websites online.

I’m obsessed with both animals and art – as you can see from the photo, I’m constantly surrounded by my growing menagerie of paper mache animal sculptures, and plenty of real critters, too – my pets sometimes “help” me in my studio. You’ll also hear that cat, (unfortunately) in some of the videos on this blog. (I’m pretty good at training dogs. Cats – not so much.)

I started drawing animals back in grade school, which is a very, very long time ago. Doing the research required for drawing and sculpting animals is almost as fun as doing the artwork, because it allows me to learn so much about the natural world.

I made my living selling pen and ink “portraits” of wild animals for many years while my daughter was in grade school, and then, as many artists do, I found myself working at “real” jobs for a while. That was OK, I suppose, but it really wasn’t what I wanted to be doing with my life.

Now that I’m self-employed (I make websites and write books for a living), I have plenty of time to pursue my first love – sculpting and drawing and painting animals.  In my “spare” time, I answer questions from fellow paper mache sculptors from all over the world – you’ll find our conversations in the comments section below each post on this blog. In addition to creating my paper mache animal sculptures, I also write tutorials showing how you can make them, too. And I’m  the author of the new book How to Make Masks! My previous books are Make Animal Sculptures with Paper Mache Clay, (that piglet at the top of this blog is one of the projects in the book), and Endangered Animals Color and Learn Book.

Enjoy the site, create your sculptures, and join the conversation. I’m glad you stopped by.


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  1. Beth
    Beth at |

    Can one use oil paints with your paper mache recipies? Do I need to coat the piece with something special before I start painting with oil paints? I feel like I can get more depth with many layers of oil paints. Thanks! I’m making a jackalope ballerina.

  2. Ann
    Ann at |

    Hello! I am a high school student writing a short research paper on paper mache for an art class I am taking. We are required to include a few artists that work with the medium (in my case, paper mache) and I stumbled across this site and your beautiful artwork. I was wondering if I could mention you in my paper, and if so what made you want to work with paper mache?
    Thanks in advance for any insight you could give me!

  3. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    Jonni can you make fish because hammer head or sword fish if you hang it on the wall it will look good you can make a fish gallery

  4. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    I dont have the materials to make a sculpture I dont know
    were to buy proper PVA for my hyena and also i want to make a full sculpture. Jonni how can I make the pattern on the paper? do I have to print it?

  5. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    I wish Neil Buchanaan still did Art Attack because he was so good at different types of art .He doesn` t do it any more how sad :(

  6. Eleni
    Eleni at |

    I m writing just to say thank u for sharing your knowledge . I saw your tutorials in YouTube as I was looking for papier mache crafts and recipes and I found the videos very helpfull for my first steps.


  7. Brooks Tabb
    Brooks Tabb at |

    My three year old son is fascinated with Humpty Dumpty. I saw your video of you making a Humpty Dumpty paper mâché. Would you make one for my son Andrew , and how much would it cost. Please let me know. Thank you.

  8. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    thanks for telling me

  9. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    i made some play dough models this one is bowser

  10. Russell Wiley
    Russell Wiley at |

    We bought a silk skreen of yours at the Pike Place Market in 1982.
    It was of the Olympic Range. We gave it to my parents as a gift.
    My parents have passed on and it now hangs in our parlor as a treasured

    Thank you.

  11. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    this is a video of how to make a fantasy castle:


  12. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    Last time I made an african mask I copied the mask from an author called Neil Buchannan and he was in a series called art attack

  13. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    Hello jonni ! Im going to make the mask when i have time

  14. Helena
    Helena at |

    Jonni good afternoon.
    I am from Greece and i love your site.
    I want your help please.
    I want to make a house for the garden of a friend .
    She want this house like the first of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbIlYSqUkVI
    can you help me please?
    Sorry for my english….

  15. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    THANKS!!!!!!!!!! :)

  16. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    sorry but the mask I make is going to take a long time to make

  17. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    wow I wish I joined on this website with you, it would be cool

  18. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    Hi, how long have you been working on this website for?

  19. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    I was going to make a mask once I make it would you like to see it?

  20. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    what is the best sculpture you have made and what is the best mask you have made?

  21. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    Hi Jonni Good,I want you to make a hyena mask so I can make one too.I wanted to hang it on my wall because It might look good

  22. Hameeda
    Hameeda at |

    Hi Jonni Good, I like your website and your videos,I would like to buy one of your books.I have made paper mache masks but not animal ones. Anyway I wont be able to make professional masks because I am still a child. I wanted you to try making a hyena mask because I want to make one but I dont know how to make it maybe you will come up with some idea.

  23. spriha
    spriha at |

    thankyou, i will try finding this india… maybe i get something close to it …
    i dont have a shop but i sell online.

  24. spriha
    spriha at |

    yes, all the furnitures are 100% paper, i use only newspaper and natural adhesive to make it. they are strong and very durable.
    though i am still looking for natural varnish which will make them waterproof in order to stop using non toxic varnish.

  25. spriha
    spriha at |

    i hope this gets through

  26. spriha
    spriha at |

    for some reason i cannot upload my website .
    all my work is at http://www.pulpfactory.in/

  27. spriha
    spriha at |

    hello jonni,
    how are you !
    i have been working with paper mache for last 4 years and making functional art pieces .
    i use natural glue as adhesive but still looking for a natural way of making it water proof.

    its always nice to come to your website.
    link to my work
    do see the experiments i have done. looking forward :)

  28. Bill
    Bill at |

    Hello Jonni,

    Literally stumbled onto your YouTube videos while searching for something else and was held hostage to needing to watch them all. What a great surprise that was. AWESOME stuff Jonni!

    I had a question about your “Painting a Dog’s Eye” video. You immediately start painting without commenting on any preparation. Did you gesso the surface first, as you seemingly did in previous videos? And if so, have you had any luck experimenting with sanding (or even texturing) your gesso-covered surfaces before applying paint?

    Thanks for sharing your trials (and your failures). I look forward to seeing more in the future.


  29. cathy caswell
    cathy caswell at |

    i have a drawing of a ioin by you jonni good can you tell me anything about it it is just the head thanks

  30. Matt
    Matt at |

    Hello Jonni, I’ve bought a few of you books and love them. I want to make Sherman from the new movie and make him about 2 1/2 feet high. What is the strongest mixture I can make so that kids won’t break it when touching it. I’m going to make a strong armature out of rebar and attach it to a wood base. Matt

  31. Amy Stone
    Amy Stone at |

    Hello there Joni!! My name is Amy Stone and I stumbled across your blog and tried to send an email but it came back undeliverable…so here I am “replying/posting” in the hope you see it! I wanted to ask you a question about the paper clay. Is it possible to use it as a press-mold for ceramics? You see, I am a professional ceramicist and my main area of expertise is ceramic handprints for children. Well, I have been wanting to make my ceramic prints “stick out” versus being impressions. Meaning, instead of pressing the child’s hand into the ceramic clay as an impression, I would stick the child’s hand into the paper clay for the initial hand impression, let it dry completely, then press ceramic clay into the hand mold.

    Do you have any knowledge of whether or not this works well? (I can do this with plaster, but I absolutely dislike working with plaster, especially with young children.) I would then take the ceramic clay hand from the paper clay mold and sculpt it into one of my designs. Here is an example of my work in this public Facebook link:


    I would love to do the same type thing as a “pop-out” hand…so instead of a negative impression, have a stick out “positive” hand. Does that make sense??

    Anyhow, if you can answer the question of “can you use paper clay as a ceramic press-mold?” I would be thrilled!! Naturally, I would want the clay to maintain all the delicate little hand-lines of the children’s hands….please let me know if you know anything about this! LOVE LOVE your work, I am so very impressed!!

    If you would like to see more of my work, please visit my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/mittspiggyspaws
    All my newest, cutest stuff is on there…..my website hasn’t been updated in 4 years so nothing new is on there even though the photo is watermarked with the website….just haven’t gotten around to updating…that’s a “sitting on the floor crying process”….!! Thanks, Amy Stone ;)

    1. Amy Stone
      Amy Stone at |

      BTW…I’m sorry if this posted twice…I had trouble with the photo and didn’t know it had actually published correctly since I kept getting error messages!!

  32. ed
    ed at |


    A very merry Christmas to you,
    Thanks for all the info regarding paper mache.
    Iam same as you when it comes to art I live in Vietnam and have many hobbies I make model ship’s rigs and even have a tattoo studio and I love doing what I do.
    I did use your recepie and created a a dinasour head I made quite a few mistakes but as I knew but wanted to finish it fast. Forwarding the pictures
    Thanks once again,

    1. jackie
      jackie at |

      jonni, just found your page, not sure how to ask something without just hitting the reply button and then asking. sounds like and looks like you are the go to person for all things paper mache’! I am just getting started. did a Halloween cat and an angel, but want to step up my game. my first question is listed below on a November post from Kent. thanks for any help you can give me. I can’t wait to try your paste.

  33. Kent
    Kent at |

    Hi Jonni…

    I came across this print of two birds on a wire with your name on it dated 1976. Then there also appears to be a autograph with 59/110. Is this print yours? Your website is mainly focused on your paper mache, so I wanted to know if you’re one and the same Jonni Good. Your work is awesome.




  34. Agasti
    Agasti at |

    Hello Jonni Good.
    You are not only Good but you are the BEST!!
    I was following your blog and was admiring all your creativity and thought of doing the same.
    If might know in India there is big festival called- Ganesh festival. Its worshipping lord Ganesha and the end of 10 days, the idol is immersed in water (Lake/river/sea etc..) Traditionally idols are made with clay, POP and other materials which after immersion cause dangers to aqua life and mother nature. So now a days eco-friendly Ganesh idols are promoted everywhere but majority are not eco-friendly yet. I took insipiration from you and prepared my own Lord Ganesh. I did not use Joint compound for my clay as i thought its not eco-friendly. Here are some pics. I started on cardboard just like the mask you did and then built on it. Its still not complete and its in stage of drying and then coloring.
    I will send you picture once its complete!

    Big Thanks again for the inspiration and wonderful website.

    1. Karen
      Karen at |

      That is absolutely stunning. No doubt you were inspired.

  35. Marcelle Luepke
    Marcelle Luepke at |

    Hi Jonni…
    I inherited, from my grandfather Allan E Orr of Seattle Washington, signed Eagle print no. 102/200. It’s a beauty and I’ve had it hanging in my craft room for several years now. Do you have a website of all the wildlife drawings you’ve done? I think my grandad used to send me notes on note cards with wildlife drawings. Did you make note cards too? Just wanted to let you know how I love the eagle print.
    Marcelle Luepke, Vancouver, Wa

  36. Cami Sample
    Cami Sample at |

    Thank you. I had to make a research animal and I chose the Mountain Lion cub and with your help it looks awesome! Here’s a picture.
    Cami- age 6

    1. Viviana
      Viviana at |


  37. Kathi England
    Kathi England at |

    I believe that I’ve got a drawing you did of a raccoon on a tree branch. It’s signed and dated 1980. I can’t find any information on drawings you’ve done, just the paper mache and the masks. Did you do drawings?

  38. Sandra Boeckerman
    Sandra Boeckerman at |

    Hi Jonni,

    After years of making lace and beaded purses, I wanted to make something BIG. So I decided to make a paper mache giraffe. Who knew there were so many makers of giraffes out there. Anyway I found you and just love the way you do your projects – trying a little of this and a little of that. Since I making something big I need to make it simple. I am wondering if I could make my giraffe with shop towels and the vinegar, glue, plaster of Paris mixture?
    Thanks for any feedback


  39. JamieStarr
    JamieStarr at |

    Dearest Jonni,
    I wanted to take the time to thank you for your website! I have an art college degree and haven’t done much since I graduated. I also am working a job that I’m not happy with just as you mentioned in your bio. It’s been kinda terrible for me because I kinda left my art behind for several personal circumstances and just now am getting back to my art. Thanks for inspiring everyone!

  40. marioko
    marioko at |

    Hallo Jonni,
    ich bin total begeistert, mit welcher Ruhe und Präzision Sie arbeiten. Ich glaube das ist Ihre Berufung, man merkt es in den Projekten. Bin selbst Hobbymalerin, erarbeite auch am liebsten Colagen mit Fremdmaterialien. Nun interessiere mich für die Arbeit mit Pappmache. Leider kann ich kein englisch lesen und hoffe, dass mir mein PC alles gut übersetzten konnte.
    Ich lebe an der Ostsee, da gibt es schöne maritime Motive zum nachmachen, wie Fische, Meerjungfrauen, oder Seemänner, daran will ich mich einmal versuchen.
    Ich wünsche ihnen noch lange, gute Ideen, dazu die Gesundheit und weiter gutes Gelingen.
    Lb. Grüße marioko

  41. Elise Tickner
    Elise Tickner at |

    Hi Jonni,
    I just found your website and it looks great! I will have to come back before I start my troll mask and read with a little more detail about your paper mache recipe.

    I just bought your Endangered Animals coloring book for my English Language Learners. I am going to translate a couple of the pages into Spanish so that they can read with more comprehension. Would you like a copy of the translation when I am done? If so, let me know.

  42. marcelle armatage
    marcelle armatage at |

    I just discover you and you www site….wonderful…
    I purchased your book the Animal Sculpture.
    You wrote about the kind of glue to use….now I have a big container of Lepage Glue, white glue, premium quality…..do you think that this glue is ok?
    Thanks for your answer.

  43. Myrna
    Myrna at |

    Dear Jonni,

    My friend and I have just started working through your book Make Animal Sculptures. We had soooo much fun! The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The clay came out perfect! We are waiting for our chickens to dry. I am so excited about working through the book. My niece is getting married in June and she loves peguins. So you know what I’ll be making for her!

    Thank you again!

  44. Bowen Dickson
    Bowen Dickson at |

    new friend JG:
    Great to find your web-site & You. Thanks for sharing all the knowledge and positive attitude.
    Best warm regards, BD

  45. Beryl
    Beryl at |

    Hello Jonni,
    I have just found your site. Im so impressed. I usually use cold porcelain for my modeling.
    but will have a go at your recipe. It looks very good, you have made some lovely things .
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge
    I live in South Wales. UK. Its a small world when you have a computer.
    Best wishes Beryl

  46. heather
    heather at |

    I have thought about doing paper mache for many years but never tried it. Today I sat at my computer and after looking at many sites at last I found you. Wow ! thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Every thing I wanted to know is here, and all the questions I needed to ask are answered here. Can’t wait to get started.
    You are so talented, I love your work.
    So I am off to soak some toilet rolls and make my very first batch of clay.
    Thanks again,
    Heather from Australia.xo

  47. Valerie Peisner
    Valerie Peisner at |

    Dear Jonni ,

    Just found your website . WOW!

    I am an interior designer in California who wants to do an entire vignette
    of a group of Dogs , maybe cats or other animals too all playing a board game
    at a table . Sounds crazy I know but the theme of the show is “Game On ”
    I need to find an artist willing to make at least five animals ( or maybe you
    have some already ) that can be for sale or display or both .
    So I dont know if you are just writing or creating sculptures , but since you are the master of this art , I thought I would contact you first because time is of the essence .
    Hope to hear from you soon . PS we can also sell your books at the show if you want
    and if you are close , maybe a guest appearance
    I hope to hear from you soon .

  48. Velvet
    Velvet at |

    Hi Jonni,

    Just found your site and wanted to thank you for your generosity in sharing all your expertise!
    I haven’t worked with paper mache since I was a kid but lately I’ve had an itch to get back to it. I’ve been riling up my friends to try it with me and your site in particular is a stellar guide and a huge motivation and inspiration to me.

    I hope to be posting my work to you soon,
    Thank you!!

  49. Chelsy Liana Alcazar
    Chelsy Liana Alcazar at |

    Hi Jonni .. I really like how you make your site open for everyone. :)I just want to ask if you could help me make a paper mache of Philippine Tarsier as a purpose of a ticket box . I am gonna need it for my school project. I would really appreciate your help .. thanks


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