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Isn't Paper Mache Just for Kids?

Jonni Good, Paper Mache Sculptor
Jonni Good, Paper Mache Sculptor

Not anymore. This isn't the paper mache you remember from Kindergarten. Paper mache can be used by professional artists (and amateurs, too) to make beautiful, original art. Some of our visitors are kids, but people of all ages can use paper mache to create long-lasting sculptures they can be proud of.

In fact, one of the most common things our readers hear when they show off their own sculptures is "I didn't know you could make something that nice that with paper mache!"

Many people find us when they hear about Jonni's Paper Mache Clay recipe, an easy-to-make concoction that takes most of the mess out of paper mache. It also lets you add details that you never thought possible with an inexpensive sculpting medium (you get most of the ingredients at the hardware store). For those who prefer the traditional paper strips and paste, you can find several different paste recipes here.

Are the Projects Easy?

There are over 400 projects shown on this site. Some of them are fairly easy, and some of them take a lot of time and patience to complete. All of them are fun. Follow the links on the art library page to find a project that fits your skill level and interests.

Once you learn Jonni's methods - using cardboard patterns inside your sculpture to get the contours and proportions right before you start, and taking your time to build your armature before you add the paper mache - then you will have the skills you need to make any sculpture you can dream up. We know that's true, because hundreds of people have shown off their original sculptures on this site, and their work is always inspiring. You'll find their photos in the comment sections on the site, especially on the Daily Sculptors page, where we like to hang out and admire each other's work.

Are All the Projects Made with Paper Mache?

No. Most of our projects are made with either paper strips and paste, or Jonni's Paper Mache Clay, but other projects combine plaster cloth with Jonni's Air Dry Clay recipe, and we now have several projects that are made with epoxy clay. Jonni even played around with concrete for awhile, until she found out that epoxy clay is easier to use for making waterproof outdoor sculptures.

I'm Ready to Get Started!

Excellent! Visit our art library first. It's organized to help you find the project you'd like best out of the 450+ tutorials on this site. And when you've finished your project, be sure to come back to the site and show it off. And be sure to visit the Daily Sculptors page, too, and say hi. There's a link to it at the top of every page.

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